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Cropping Videos: The Ultimate Guide



Cropping Videos: The Ultimate Guide

Cropping Videos: The Ultimate Guide: Requirements for video content captured on camera for different platforms vary, depending on the internal rules of each web resource.

In this regard, many PC users whose work is related to maintaining content on social networks or web design constantly turn to various online editors for processing, gluing, and trimming videos.

However, not everyone succeeds in working with such platforms, which requires finding just such an application that will be both feature-rich and easy to use.

Below is a detailed description of just such an online graphic editor for cropping video files.

How is the process of trimming video using a graphic editor online?

Each user who needs cropping videos after shooting and before publishing material on open or other sources uses an online graphic editor. To get the expected result, he needs to follow a few simple steps:

· First of all, you need to open the Video Cropper application without downloading the installation file on your PC, since the service is provided only online.

To do this, you will need to type the address of the platform’s website in the browser line or find the corresponding resource through a search query.

· Next, on the main screen of the platform that opens, you will need to select the file download electronic key, and then drag the desired video content from the device’s memory to the system server from the new window.

This process can take up to 10 minutes since the download time is affected by both the connection speed and the signal quality, as well as the total amount of downloaded information, and the duration of the video content.

· On the Video Cropper toolbar, the “Crop” icon is selected, which allows you to adjust the video content within the frame selected by the user within the required boundaries. To select this area, you only need to outline it with a frame, and then click on the crop key.

· When trimming is done, the unfinished content is usually in a non-standard format and needs to be adjusted to modular parameters.

To do this, you will need to select a new tool in the drop-down menu, where a list of standard system parameters is displayed in front of the user – 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, and the platform also allows you to set individual user settings.

· If the customer needs to bring video content to perfection, he can always turn to other features of the platform – rotate the image in an orthogonal direction, mirror it about the horizontal or vertical axis of symmetry, change colors, enable aged or monochrome mode, as well as features such as changing image brightness or contrast.

If you need to merge several files into one clip, you also need to bring them to a single format and resolution.

· When editing is complete, the file needs to be converted into a format that any end user can easily open and play.

To do this, the online editor has an extensive catalog of various extensions, but, by default, the system recommends setting the standard MKV and MOV settings, which can be read by most modern applications for playing video files.

· The finished video file is simply saved to the internal hard disk of the user’s PC, smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device.

In addition, the system allows sending content directly to the end user, via messenger, or via e-mail, without data loss or quality drop, for which you just need to select the desired application from the menu and enter the addressee’s data.

If the video file is subject to increased requirements, or it must be equipped with various special effects, such functions are also available in the online application.

The user can easily overlay music, adjust its volume, add any pre-printed text in the form of subtitles or an advertising slogan, as well as loop content for continuous playback.

Why should users choose an online video editing platform?

When accessing online services for editing video files in real-time, most users doubt the right choice of the right platform.

The editor in question for processing video content is one of the best on the market, thanks to the following undeniable advantages over competitors:

· All platform functions are provided online. Users no longer need to download heavy files to install applications or purchase new hardware that can process graphics.

· A standard set of working tools is provided free of charge. The program does not require registration of an account, linking bank cards, and purchasing the right to access the application.

· If necessary, the user can buy a premium package by issuing a paid subscription, according to the internal tariffs of the system.

This feature is especially relevant for professional web designers who provide quality video editing services to individuals and large companies.

· Full security of all user data. The platform developers have made every effort to ensure the encryption of communication channels, due to which the video content transmitted by the customer to the system server cannot be stolen, deleted, copied, or edited during cyber-attacks.

· The simplest interface, to work with the system does not require advanced training, special education, or lengthy training.

The platform is designed in such a way that every PC user, regardless of their specialty, gender, or age, can easily understand all the toolbars.

· The ability to convert and process any video files, regardless of their size, duration, and resolution.

This provides the ability to play content on almost any device, not only with a modern but also with an outdated operating system.

· Ability to save processed and cropped content in more than 30 different formats.

· A large number of tips for users from the system are hidden behind each graphic icon. Also, for people interested in editing and trimming video files, an online technical support service is available, which involves filling out and sending a written request, and the operator advises on any problem that the customer has.

· Thanks to this service, the user can quickly master a new specialty and become a professional web designer for processing video content for commercial purposes.

Each user of a PC or smartphone that has Internet access with a stable signal can follow the link above and already today use all the functions of an online graphics editor with video cropper, which will allow you to get high-quality content in a short time without resorting to the services of expensive professionals.

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