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Converting MOV Video to MP4 Made Easy with Wondershare UniConverter



Converting MOV Video to MP4 Made Easy with Wondershare UniConverter

There are many video formats that we can have on hand. From MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, among others, it depends on the device you use and the way it is configured. However, when archiving videos, you will certainly want to standardize the format, and converting MOV to MP4 is the most common step when using Wondershare UniConverter.


Need to convert MOV video to MP4?

The various video formats have characteristics and advantages over others, making it necessary to convert from one format to another depending on the intended purpose.

MOV files

The MOV file format was developed by Apple which, through its algorithm, has the ability to store video and audio. It works particularly well in QuickTime Player, which is its main playback format. Although it is an Apple product, it is possible to open MOV files on both macOS and Windows using the correct software. However, some image, video or audio editing programs are not compatible with this format and it is therefore necessary to convert to a more common format.

MP4 files

MP4 is also a video storage format, used mainly to store video, but also for other types of data such as audiobooks, podcasts and subtitles. This is the standard format used internationally, making it the best known and used by the vast majority of users. It is rare to have software that has problems opening a MP4 file correctly.

Difference between MP4 and MOV

Compatibility: MOV format files are designed to be used only in products from the Apple ecosystem. In that sense, all files with MOV format will run perfectly in an Apple product capable of playing video. However, MP4 files work on both systems, making it a more viable option in terms of compatibility.

Size: the size of a file is very important, especially when it can be online content, where storage is valuable, or a datastream, where you want to optimize bandwidth. Normally, MP4 files are more compressed and smaller in size. In MOV format it is possible to obtain a better quality, but the size will be larger.

In addition to these differences, MOV and MP4 also have something in common, as both use the MPEG-4 standard to compress content.

Want to convert MOV to MP4? Want to know how to effortlessly reduce MOV? You need a converter and among the ones available on the market, Wondershare UniConverter is the best one.

Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter is a video converter produced by Wondershare, specialized in programs related to video and image. Formerly called Video Converter Ultimate, this software allows you to convert files to any output formats, even for different devices and platforms. Using UniConverter you can not only convert videos, but also edit, transfer and correct them. With this program, you will be able to convert MOV to MP4 or the other way around, simply and quickly.

Here’s a simple case of reducing a MOV file:

1. Just launch the program and click the Document icon. You’ll open your file folder. Then select the MOV file you want to reduce size.

2. Choose MOV as the output format. Click Output Format button, click the drop-down menu, and click the Video tab. You can change its resolution.

3. Now, make the MOV file smaller by customizing the settings.

4. Now compress the file! Just click the Convert button.

Main features of UniConverter

UniConverter performs conversion tasks with a simple and easy to use interface.

– Convert videos

It is possible to convert high quality and high speed videos to any format.

– Edit Videos

This program is not just a converter, it also allows you to edit videos in a simple way. Through the timeline it is possible to join several clips to assemble a quality video for your social networks. In addition to having basic cropping and rotation tools, it also offers brightness, contrast and ready-to-use filters to improve the appearance and quality of videos.

– Burn to DVD

UniConverter also allows you to create and edit files on a DVD, allowing you to burn Blu-ray, HD, FHD or DVD discs. It is also possible to create a backup copy in any format, so you never lose your most important files.

And to differentiate yourself from other programs, UniConverter allows you to add background images, text and other parameters to the DVD, so that when you open it, you will enjoy a unique and tailored experience.

– Other resources

In addition to the aforementioned resources, it is also possible to transfer videos to external devices and disks, correct metadata, convert RV, play directly on TV, among others.

How to use UniConverter

With a simple and intuitive interface to use, it is not complicated to convert MOV to MP4 or any of the other options available.

The first step is to add a video to the program by clicking the Add button or dragging the file. It is possible to add several videos at the same time, to convert them all at the same time, either in the same or different formats. As soon as the video loads, it will be possible to observe the original details on the left side. On the right side, you will find information about the video output format. When selecting the button shown in the image above, a window will open with all available output formats.

Finally, after selecting the format you want to obtain, just click Convert and wait for the conversion process to be completed. It is also necessary to confirm the output folder, where the videos will be saved after conversion.



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