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Are you looking for free fences alternatives for your PC? Do you want to organize desktop of office? As you know, a lot of people use different online tools to clean messy desktops because, manually, it will take hours.

A few years ago, Fences was the most useful tool to clean PC desktops. The fences is a program that is used to clean your Desktop and arrange everything on your Desktop in an organized way. But nowadays, the fences is not available for free.

If you want to add this program to your computer, you have to pay for it, which is not possible for everyone.

Its free trial is only available for 30 days. After that, this program charges 13 dollars per month which is expensive for common PC users.

That’s why people are looking for free fences alternatives because it’s important to have a desktop organizer but free. In this article, we enlisted the best free fences alternatives that work smoothly on PC in 2023.

Top 3 free fences alternative

Many apps similar to Fences are available on the internet; of course, these are free of cost. Each app has its own functioning capability and very distinct features to offer. Following are the best alternatives for the fences free of cost

1. iTop Easy Desktop

If you are looking for a powerful desktop organizer for free, then nothing is better than iTop Easy Desktop.

It is the fastest application that organizes all the stuff in seconds only. No doubt, the iTop Easy Desktop made lazy and busy people’s life easy because now they don’t need to keep their Desktop messy because this smart tool organizes your Desktop in no time.

iTop Easy Desktop creates sections on the Desktop and arranges all things in different sections.

Like it puts all the quick programs icons in one section, all folders in one section, and creates a different section for files and documents.

After arranging all your app’s icons, folders, documents, and pictures, you can easily find them. If you are still busy and have no time, you can do a quick search via the iTop Easy desktop tool.

Here you can set up hotkeys for quick access, and you can automatically align the layout.


iTop Easy Desktop has amazing features, such

  • Create box

The best thing about iTop Easy Desktop is that it allows the user to create multiple boxes to clean a cluttered Desktop.

The users can add different names to these folders, and they can easily drag and drop files in these folders.

  • Data security

The iTop Easy Desktop Software protects the data of users by adding encryption or password on specific boxes or folders.

Because of this, no one can open that specific folder or box and can’t steal sensitive data from users.

  • Quick Find option

The iTop Easy Desktop offers a useful feature for users to quickly reach the file by tapping the file name in the search bar.

  • Double click hides

The iTop Easy desktop users can easily hide all the boxes and folders by double clicking.

  • Hotkeys

The iTop Easy Desktop lets the user set hotkeys to get easy and quick access to different functions.

How to use iTop Easy Desktop?

You can get tense if you are not familiar with the process of installing Software. You can complete the download process of iTop Easy Desktop very easily and within a few minutes.

  • Download & install

Visit iTop official website, click on the iTop Easy Desktop download link and download it.

After downloading the setup file, click it and install the application on your PC. For installation, the PC will ask for your permission to allow it and install successfully.

  • Launch iTop Easy Desktop

Now you can launch iTop Easy Desktop on your computer’s Desktop. Double-click it to launch it on the screen

  • Start organizing Desktop

After launching the application, it will show you two options.

One is a quick way to organize things automatically, and the second option is to arrange all the mess of the Desktop manually.

In automatic action, the iTop Easy Desktop creates boxes and different folders and sets the folders’ names.

But in the manual option, you can arrange all the files, folders, apps, and programs shortcut according to their choice.

They can create boxes and create their name manually to make them easy to find.

Why use iTop Easy Desktop

There are many reasons to use iTop Easy Desktop version

  • It is available free of cost with all advanced features.
  • It saves your time and energy by keeping your Desktop organized.
  • decreases the piling up of files, thus saving your storage
  • boosts your productivity
  • It is user friendly
  • Gives you a clean and cluttered free Desktop
  • You can get access to files quickly and without any hurdles.
  • It is very reliable and fast

2. Tago Fences

Tago is the best Free Fences alternative. It has the best functionality and amazing features as the Stardock Fences itself.

Multiple Fences can be created and arranged according to your choice. It can also shift between the two desktop views from the two dots at the bottom of the screen and gives a mobile-like experience.

You can also customize the fences in all possible ways, and you can also add or remove the existing ones.

This app helps in sorting through your desktop hassle-free while enabling you to navigate the right file after organizing them.

3. SideSlides

SideSlide is multitasking software that helps the users to perform different actions quickly. Although it doesn’t provide the same fencing as other Software, it provides shortcuts for quick navigation and containers.

It also has built-in Reality Simple Syndication (RSS), which is used to read the latest news and various blogs from a single place.


Undoubtedly organizing a cluttered desktop is a good thing but is possible with the help of online tools only.

Above, we mentioned these free alternatives of fences, but iTop Easy Desktop is the best option for all PC users. If your PC is messy, clean it iTop Easy Desktop.

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