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Best All Times Car Racing Video Games to Buy for 2019



Driving video games are over forty years old, and people still love them. As technology advances, these games become more realistic, giving us a chance to experience the life of F1 pilot or top rally driver. This year was great for racing games, so you’ll have a tough choice of finding enough time for all of them. Here are the titles you shouldn’t miss this year.

Fight for the F1 Title

If you love Formula 1 races and watch it religiously, for ten years in a row, you have only one choice – F1 series by Codemasters. Luckily, this game is great, and the 2019 edition is the best so far. The game now features F2 license, and it’s a refreshing experience, as these cars are slower but also harder to drive.

You’ll be spinning like crazy before you get the hang of things. F2 is a part of career mode, though unfortunately, it is not used for more than a few scenarios before you get your place in the top league.

If you want, you don’t have to start in lowly teams. You can become Alexander Albon rival in Red Bull, but be aware that the team will have high expectations. F1 2019 is a realistic and beautiful looking simulation.

Get Virty Video Game

If you are more into a point to point racing, DiRT Rally 2.0 is the best choice you can make. While it doesn’t feature WRC license like freshly released WRC 8, this video game from Codemasters is not only by far more realistic, but also more exciting to drive.

You’ll feel every bump in the road as you progress, and every error may result in the end of the road for you. But that is also what makes racing exciting.

Like in the first game, there is official FIA World Rally Cross championship license, if you love seeing your opponents on the track. Be aware that lots of content are sold as DLC, including rallies from the first game.

Real Driving Simulator Video Game

GT Sport might have been released in 2017, but this game still feels fresh. Polyphony Digital adds new cars, modes, races, and other content every month for free, so you’ll always have a reason to get back.

This game is an excellent choice if you love to race online since it will punish players who are driving dirty.

Beautiful and exciting, GT Sport is not to be missed and is so cheap that it’s almost among the best free games.

Explore Great Britain with Forza Horizon 4 Video Game

Finally, if you would like to sit in your Bugatti Chiron and drive 400 km/h on the highway, Forza Horizon 4 is the only game you need.

Drive around the map of Great Britain, experience four different seasons and try not to hit traffic as you race against other people or time.

New content is added weekly, so you’ll spend months playing it like those addicting free online games. We recommend playing it on PC or Xbox One X.

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