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Belgium Bans TikTok From Official Work Phones

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(CTN NEWS) – In response to concerns about cybersecurity, privacy, and false information, Belgium is banning TikTok from official phones, the country’s prime minister announced on Friday, following previous actions by other authorities in Europe and the United States.

According to a post on Alexander de Croo’s website, the Chinese-owned video-sharing app will be temporarily banned on devices purchased or held by Belgium’s federal government for at least six months.

TikTok is “disappointed with this suspension based on fundamental falsehoods about our organization.”

The business stated it is “readily accessible to meet with officials to resolve any issues and clear up any misunderstandings.”

Belgium Bans TikTok From Official Work Phones

China’s ByteDance, which relocated its corporate headquarters to Singapore in 2020, owns TikTok.

The corporation tried to dissociate itself from its Chinese heritage by claiming that its parent company was formed outside of China and that international institutional investors owned most of it.

But staff have already been told to uninstall the app from devices used for work-related purposes by the three major institutions of the European Union and the Danish defense ministry.

Similar restrictions have been put in place in the US and Canada.

The dispute over TikTok is a small piece of a larger global conflict over economic and technical dominance between China, the United States, and its Western allies.

De Croo claimed that the national security service and its cybersecurity center had sent warnings about the app’s potential to gather user data and modify algorithms to alter its news feed and content.

These concerns were the basis for Belgium’s prohibition, according to De Croo.

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He added without going into greater detail that they also expressed concern that TikTok would be forced to do espionage for Beijing.

In an online statement, de Croo added, “We are in a new geopolitical setting where influence and monitoring between governments have transferred to the digital domain.

We cannot afford to be naive about the fact that TikTok, a Chinese startup, is currently required to work with intelligence agencies. The truth is what it is. It makes sense to forbid its usage on government service apparatus.”

TikTok claimed that user data is kept in Singapore and the United States, and it mentioned recent steps taken to ease European concerns by keeping user data in European data centers.

The corporation said, “The Chinese government cannot compel another sovereign nation to release data kept in that nation’s jurisdiction.


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