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Apple’s Newly-Filed Patent Approve That New Apple Watch Will Include A Camera



Apple's Newly-Filed Patent Approve That New Apple Watch Will Include A Camera

(CTN NEWS) – Earlier this week, Apple received approval for a brand-new patent for a removable watch-based camera retention system. The invention features a detachable band design and a quick-release retention mechanism to accommodate the watch-based camera.

Even though there is no assurance that it will be made, the patent is a strong sign that Apple is aggressively seeking to provide new features for their followers who wear watches.

The new invention (US-11571048-B1), granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on February 7, concentrates on a strap-based, quick-release mechanism that enables simple access to an integrated watch-based watch camera.

According to the patent details, the retention method might allow users to swiftly remove the watch face, take pictures using a bottom-facing camera, and then rapidly put the item back in its original position.

Patently Apple was the first to break the news.


This new strap-based solution is not Apple’s first attempt to patent camera capabilities for watches. The business received the US-10331083-B1 patent in 2019 for a watch band having an integrated, flexible optical sensor.

If offered, this rotatable camera would enable capturing pictures without taking the watch off the wearer’s wrist.

Apple wouldn’t be the first business to include wearable gadgets with small-form camera technology. With the initial release of the Galaxy Gear in September 2013, Samsung aimed to popularise the wearable camera concept.

The Apple Watch swiftly eclipsed the device, and despite the Galaxy’s built-in 1.9MP camera, people weren’t impressed.

While some people could find a high-quality embedded camera useful, others might be concerned about privacy and security.

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By eliminating the need for a bigger, handheld camera or phone, the capacity to take covert images opens the door to everything from hidden, unauthorized, and compromising photos to an increased danger of corporate espionage.

To ensure that the embedded cameras were not being used incorrectly in locations like schools, locker rooms, restrooms, or in areas where sensitive papers and information are at risk of being photographed, a new level of security and awareness would be necessary.

The proliferation of technology, such as embedded cameras in wearable gadgets, emphasizes the need for laws and regulations like the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act to be enforced.

The law ensures that technology like watch-based cameras are made available for responsible users while giving protections for possible misuse victims by prohibiting recording people in private spaces without their agreement.


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