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Apple Watch Ultra: A Premier SUV On a Wristwatch



Apple Watch Ultra: A Premier SUV On a Wristwatch

(CTN News) – Clearly, the Apple Watch Ultra is the premier smartwatch for die-hard iPhone users. With its latest and most expensive watch, does Apple succeed in appealing to ambitious athletes and outdoors enthusiasts? The Apple Watch Ultra is put to the test in our Next Pit review.

In a nutshell, the Apple Watch Ultra

In the US, the Apple Watch Ultra costs $799, which is twice as much as the smaller Watch 8. Under the hood, the Ultra Watch is actually a Watch 8.

Apple’s S8 processor powers both the Ultra and the 8, as well as the U1 chip for UWB. WatchOS 9 is available on both models.

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It has a much larger format, more robust materials, and an additional button, but it also has features specifically designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

For instance, the extremely accurate dual-band GPS, the triathlon mode, and the alarm siren. For now, Apple lags behind high-end sports watches like Garmin and others in terms of sports features.

Display and design

Unlike any other watch, the Apple Watch Ultra has a large display and a fat titanium case. I love the updated controls and the indestructible 2,000-nit display.

Although it is clearly designed in the same vein as other Apple smartwatches, the Apple Watch Ultra feels bulky. With a 49 mm case, it is clearly more substantial than either the 44 or 46 mm Watch 8. Moreover, it is thicker on the wrist than the Watch 8 models at 14.4 versus 10.7 mm. T

he watch weighs 61.3 g, making it quite heavy as well.

You can rotate and press the digital crown on the right side of the watch as usual. To prevent accidental activation, it is enclosed in a 2 mm deep recess.

While reviewing the phone, my angled wrist repeatedly activated Siri by pressing the crown for long periods. While wearing medium-thick gloves, it can still be operated decently without accidentally twisting the crown. I really like it!

When you press the digital crown, the app overview appears as a grid or a list. Watch faces allow users to scroll through lists, zoom into displays, or, very handy for couch potatoes and movie lovers, switch to dark mode with a red-and-black display by twisting the crown.

You can also call up the most recently used apps with Apple’s second button on the crown protection.

A bright orange action button is located on the left side of the case. The button opens the workout dialog by default, but you can reassign it.

Among the options are workouts, underwater mode, iPhone search, and Shazam shortcuts. In the emergency menu, you can choose from sirens, medical ID, backtrack, and emergency calls by long pressing the action button.

Keeping the button down for even longer activates the warning siren, which can be heard up to 86 dB from a distance. With the action button, however, you mark a new lap during a sporting activity.


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