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Ambitious Tech Startups to Watch in the LearnTech Space




It’s no surprise that technology has an immense impact on every aspect of our lives – and the education sector is no exception. While some say technology has brought no significant change in education, many believe technology has transformed teaching and learning in many ways. It has also been responsible for many tech startups.

Unlike the medieval times, students have access to a massive amount of information at their fingertips. Thanks to the internet, learning, communication, and collaboration are no longer restricted within the four walls.

Technology-based learning tools have changed the way students work while they learn with the extended reach of the internet and smart devices. From a comprehensive computer-managed learning model to find the right math problem solver online, technology has helped students adapt to academic subjects.

The year 2020 accelerated digital transformation, enhanced personalized learning opportunities, and increased educational productivity. More and more businesses are now aiming to integrate learning with technology to help students make better use of time and available instructional materials.

As we step into 2021, it would be safe to say that more tech-based companies will come into existence to help with learning needs. Below, I have compiled a few notable companies’ names focused on LearnTech that help users worldwide.

3P learning

Ambitious Tech Startups to Watch in the LearnTech Space

3P Learning offers cloud-based resources to help the school and K-12 students solve math word problems and improve your learning skills. The learning tools are uniquely designed to help students engage with mathematics and academic programs.

The company designed educational programs using gamification pedagogy to retain student’s attention and entertain and reward them while learning. The program makes learning personal and allows students to test, evaluate, and track progress.

Despite being a startup, the company has successfully positioned itself in the global education scenario, including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Educator Impact

Ambitious Tech Startups to Watch in the LearnTech Space

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown, students worldwide had to resort to remote learning. While it has simplified learning for students, it has hampered the mental wellbeing of many to some extent.

Coping with the remote learning model can get mentally overwhelming. Educator Impact aims to support the staff and improve students’ academic outcome. Schools rely on EI to connect with students and provide quick assistance to the vulnerable students based on the program’s real-time insights.

Such initiative allows students to engage actively and thrive in the school culture by making quick improvements. Not just that. The platform also helps educators work towards professional growth and improve teaching and learning – no wonder why more than 400 schools in Australia use EI services to improve teaching & learning.


Ambitious Tech Startups to Watch in the LearnTech Space

Wouldn’t it be great to gain language fluency while watching something great on TV? Well, your prayers have been answered. With LingoPie, learning a new language was never this easy.

I know how most of you find attending language classes incredibly dull – especially after a subject you find boring such as history or math. Thankfully, you can learn while you watch your favourite shows online.

While you may be dependent on your math word problem solver for your assignments, with LingoPie, you can learn entirely on your own. There are many TV shows, comedies, travel shows and more to choose from. And you know what the best part is? The website adds ample of new shows every month, so learners have good content to learn with.

The simple “watch & click” feature allows viewers to get an instant translation of a word or sentence. Furthermore, the platform enables you to review your progress with contextual and video-based flashcards and help your confidence in the language grow.


Ambitious Tech Startups to Watch in the LearnTech Space

With Lingvist, you can build your vocabulary and improve your write-ups’ quality. The startup was awarded the “Brightest Startup” title for its new adaptive and personalised learning approach. It uses data analytics to identify students’ existing knowledge and determine what they must learn to fill the knowledge gap.

Lingvist’s scientific approach allows learning a new language ten times faster than any traditional method. Also, it teaches students new words with real-life examples. That way, students can practice the language from the very first lesson.

The startup provides personalised lessons to over 500,000 users worldwide based on a learner’s skills and allows them to track progress and take control of their new language learning.



YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms today. Students wondering “how to solve my math problem quickly” rely significantly on various tutorials available on YouTube. But is the process of video making as simple as it sounds? Sadly, no!

Imagine the hours, efforts, and money you put into developing your channel only to realise your videos are not cutting edge with your subscribers. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Well, not anymore. You can now use Kamua, a browser-based video editing tool to make fun video content and reach your potential audience.

The tool requires no prior experience; no additional software downloads and no state-of-the-art workstations. You can use the AutoCrop feature to automatically cut out the best version of your video without spending hours on finding the right clips.

If you are looking to monetise your YouTube or Instagram posts, video advertising is the most crucial tool in today’s world. From learning to creating, optimising, and editing videos, with Kamua, you can develop and polish skills of creating top-notch multimedia content.

Wrapping Up

Technological innovation is the most vital element for moving ahead – even amidst the pandemic. Over the past years, we have seen countless reports on how technology enhances learning and its impact in the future. If you are aware of startups from the LearnTech space, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment box below.

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Robert Smith is a digital educator, and academic counsellor working on behalf of a reputable firm in Australia. He is a top-ranked writing services provider at He is fond of reading and blogging about technology, education, and academic hacks.

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