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A Software Engineering Studio Accelerates Domain Name Selection with AI



A Software Engineering Studio Accelerates Domain Name Selection with AI

A Software Engineering Studio Accelerates Domain Name Selection with AI – If you are an entrepreneur, you must know that the golden age of start-ups never really got over. Even post-pandemic, it still stands as strong.

In fact, as per the Statista report, the world will see even more growth in the number of new businesses.

While this is good news for the economy, as it is thriving on the positive sentiments of the populace, the other side of the situation brings about a bad one.

Today, almost every market sector is over-saturated with the competition. This makes it hard for new businesses to get discovered and create a loyal customer base.

As such, any tactic that can help them stand apart from the competition is indispensable. One such strategy is naming your business right.

As per a survey, over 82% of investors found that a recognizable name can prove to be a game changer in the success or failure of a business.

77% of customers also agree that their purchasing decisions are often based on the brand name than the actual product.

As such, it is no secret that for new businesses, a unique and memorable name selection is one of the most basic and simplest ways to increase the probability of their success.

Using AI to Generate Unique Business Names

For a long time, AI development services has become the solution to many business problems.

From using preset logic to make smart decisions for operational automation to actually creating new art, AI today can do many things better than humans.

And this is where lies the idea of using AI to come up with truly memorable business and domain names.

Matellio, a software engineering studio based out of San Jose, USA, has recently developed a simple but brilliant AI tool to generate unique business name ideas.

The engineers there have created this tool as part of a bigger project that helps companies select and purchase available domain names.

What’s interesting is that Matellio has built this tool as an independent API (Application Programming Interface). As a result, this tool is highly reusable and can be embedded in multiple interfaces.

The AI business name generator also has various other features which enhance the tool’s usability.

For example, it supports multiple languages at both ends. It means that the API can generate unique names in numerous languages even when using different languages for the inputs.

How does it work?

The entire functionality of the API revolves around keywords and filters as provided by a user.

It allows users to enter one or more words to create a list of synonyms. They can enter these terms in the language they are most comfortable in.

They can then choose other parameters like industry, number of Words, and characters. They can also select a different language for the output, making the solution more inclusive and global.

“Technology should always remain boundary-less. A businessperson in Brazil should never hesitate to make their business global and open establishments in different corners of the world.

They should be comfortable opening an outlet in, say, Spain and with a name that resonates with their target customers there.”- says the product manager of the AI-BNG (AI- Business Name Generator) project.

Currently, the tool supports 5+ global languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal).

The API can also generate names for businesses from various industries, including, but not limited to, food and beverages, chemicals, agriculture, construction, financial services, health services, hospitality, and more.

To make this tool even more customizable, businesses can hire dedicated developers to tailor to solution as per their specific requirements.

Let’s get technical

The foundation of the API is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In the front end, users only see a bunch of text fields that allow them to enter as many parameters as possible about the business name they want to generate.

As mentioned above, they can enter a term or a list of terms in the input box. The tool will then automatically detect the language of the input using the Language Detection ML model.

To create this model, the developers have used NLP (Natural Language Processing) frameworks NLTK, Spacy, and Gensim.

The tool then highlights the detected language. If the user agrees with the system, they can move forward to the next step. Otherwise, they can select the language of input terms themselves too.

The match of the input term and its language is then used to select a dictionary database. From there, the system picks the meaning of the term in the base language.

For the next step, users can select the target category from the list of industries available. This will help the system determine a corpus of the related terms.

This corpus is then sent to the custom-developed BNG model to get categorized into fields like related words, associated words, and synonyms.

A language translator is then applied to this array of terms to create the final output of the list in the selected output language.

In total, the tool is built with two custom-built machine learning models; one is to detect the language of the input term and then its classification in a specific category.

The second model generates respective associated words and synonyms for the input term. Both models have been built using functions of the SciKit library.

Other than these, the tool also uses pre-built word embedding ML models like Word2Vec, Glove, FastText, Elmo, BERT, and ConceptNet to improve its efficiency.

Future Plans

The company is now working to enhance the functionality of this business name generator tool to make it more valuable for users.

Some of the modules that are already underway include checking the domain name availability for the selected business name and the ability to purchase it from the same interface.

“We want to develop a comprehensive solution for new business owners, so they don’t have to spend too much time in the simple but impactful task of business and domain name selection.” – says the lead developer of AI-BNG.

Expressing his understanding of the fact that the market is getting saturated even for a tool like AI business name generation, he added, “We know there are some other tools available online helping users generate synonyms of a given term.

Some are even as advanced as to generate associated words too. However, our AI-business name generator stands way apart from them all.

The tool is specifically built to generate business names, so it would not simply create a list of related terms.

It is very specific in its understanding that the generated list should only have meaningful, catchy words, that are impactful enough to name a company in a specific industry.”

Talking about the unique selling proposition of the tool, he also mentioned how it is a more global application for name generation. “The tool is already working seamlessly on seven global languages.

As such, it is as unique in its functionality as the output it generates.” He further explains, “Our goal is to make a tool that anyone from any corner of the world can use.

Adding more languages to it is always a part of its future expansion, but it takes time. To add a new language, we have to train the custom unsupervised models to understand the context and semantics of the languages too.

We then test its functionality and see if it’s working as efficiently as expected or not. Only after performing well on our expectations do we release the AI business name generator for that chosen demographic.”

Matellio is now looking to expand the tool’s functionality by adding more languages to its database.

They are also adding the functionality to enlist the available domain names for the business in case it is to have a digital presence online. Such features will make the tool one of a kind and attract customers for domain name purchases and hosting solutions.

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