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A Clever iPhone Camera Trick Most People Don’t know about

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You can sign documents quickly and easily with your iPhone by using a hidden feature.

Apple’s tool to save your own signature is a combination of two tricks: The built-in document scanner, and the Apple tool that allows you to scan documents.

As neither trick is widely advertised, it’s possible that many Apple users are unaware of their existence.

However, if you have been sent a physical document to sign (or even a virtual one) you may find the signature trick quite useful.

TikTok creator @katamogz shared the video with TikTok users a few hours ago, where it has already received hundreds of likes.

It will only take a few seconds for you to complete it.

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How to scan documents on an iPhone

Creating a new note on your iPhone is as simple as opening the Notes app.

This new note has a panel at the bottom with a variety of symbols, from the bin to the writing symbol.

A list of options will appear once you click the plus symbol in the middle.

“Scan Documents” will be at the very top of the list of options.

You will be directed to a camera page once you click “Scan Documents”.

Once you have taken a picture of the document, you can scan it.

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TikToker @katamog showed a hidden feature that makes signing documents quick and painless.
Courtesy of @katamogz

It is possible to choose between black and white, greyscale, or color options for the edges around the document.

The picture can be converted into a document that looks like it has been scanned and saved in your notebook once you are happy with it.

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Adding a signature to an iPhone document is easy

I would recommend opening the scanned document which is usually in the form of a PDF file.

After that, go into the editor and click on the plus symbol in the bottom left hand corner.

In the list of options, click on Signature and you will be taken to the Signature page.

It is also possible to add your own signature to a PDF document quickly and easily by using just your finger.

There is a possibility of moving the signature around, as well as resizing it.

It will then be able to be placed exactly where you need it to be.

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This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.


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