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A Beginners Guide to Successful and Effective Video Editing



A Guide on Successful and Effective Video Editing

Once you finish the video shoot or film a movie, the next step is video editing successfully and effectivly. It’s a tricky task with multiple phases, and each phase contains its challenges. This task requires both creativity and technical knowledge to do it effectively. If one doesn’t have technical knowledge about different software used in the process or doesn’t have the required skills, then the editing process becomes frustrating.

But there is nothing to panic about it if you don’t know the process. You are landed on the right page here; in this article, we aim to help the beginner or novice who doesn’t have any experience in such a field. We try to make the unlimited video editing process much easier and successful for them by providing a few valuable tips and techniques. It doesn’t exactly teach you how to edit your video clips, but this may help you to cut your editing time in half and help you produce better video editing results in the end.

Let’s begin the process to learn a better detail about video editing. Have a look at the below-mentioned points-

Choose the appropriate software

The first and foremost step that matters the most in unlimited video editing is the right software for your work. The video editing software helps you with everything you need to do in the editing process. But one must choose the software which works for you and your editing style instead of running after the latest and advanced video editing software.

Some of the less popular but highly capable software options you may try are Sony Vegas, Autodesk smoke, light works, and many others. Suppose you are the one who tends to be updated with the latest versions or follow the trend. In that case, you may opt for top software options that offer a comprehensive lite version like avid media composer, DaVinci resolves, premiere pro, after effects, final cut pro, and much other software equipped with the latest technology.

You can also choose more than one software to do video editing effectively. Sometimes there are some good features in one software, but it lacks the other important feature. Thus we can choose a mix of two or three software for their digital interference, usability, and features.

Edit for a story

The most important thing to keep in mind while doing unlimited video editing is to tell a great story. Your video must depict a meaningful story in the correct series. For this, the editor should use his practical knowledge in addition to technical expertise so that your customers get valuable services that are worth spending money on. One needs to think carefully about every aspect instead of just focusing on adding a bunch of effects to the video to impress the viewers or customers.

To evoke the right emotions and impart a meaningful story, the editor must cut the unnecessary or extra footage from the video and correct the order of your clips.

Learn important terms

A video editor must learn the important terms related to unlimited video editing because sometimes the editing industry will require you to communicate with other video clients and editors. Such people are proficient in this area and use some short forms while communicating with you, and if you don’t have knowledge about such terms, it may be difficult for you to get their point. Thus you need to spend some quality time on research to figure out some important terms and study them as well to enhance your knowledge. Some basic terms are listed below, have a look at them-

  • J cut- it means the audio precedes the video.
  • L cut- it means video precedes the audio.
  • Jump cuts- it means to cut out an unnecessary and boring portion from the video and maintain viewers’ interest.
  • Cutting on the action needs when the subject is moving rather than after each movement to create more interesting video clips.
  • Match cut- as the name depicts in this editor cuts the two visually similar scenes or shots.

These are a few terms related to cutting and editing, which the editor must add to his knowledge. But this is not enough. You need to do proper research to get more detail about terms.

Select good music

An editor needs to focus on each aspect of video editing; only focusing on visuals is not the end of the task. He also needs to focus on adding good music background. He must choose the music according to the video, which evokes the viewer’s right emotions. If the music doesn’t suit the theme or story of the video, then it may ruin the experience of the viewers.

Music that matches the video theme is not the only requirement, but the music you add must also be of good quality. However, there is an option to get music from a royalty free music provider, but the quality is not a surety if you add free music. If you want to get the best music quality, you need to pay the price.

Add text and graphics

An editor can also add text and graphics to the video, depending on your film type. The text can be added to show the title of the video clip, stating film credits, opening, and closing billboards. But the text should be simple and clear. One should choose the appropriate font style and font size to make it visible to the viewers. The text added should not contain fancy letters or illuminating colors to grab much attention. Thus while adding some text to the video clips, one must be careful about its size and style.

Final words

This article gives you a complete guide for unlimited video editing successfully. Suppose you are a beginner and new to this platform. In that case, this article enhances your basic editing knowledge and gives you a quick start to begin the process without panic the situation. If you follow such tips while video editing, it will surely give you the desired results you might think.


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