5 Innovative Ways Technology Is Improving How People Learn


5 Innovative Ways Technology is Improving How People Learn



Not long ago, people could not comprehend that technology could go hand in hand with learning. Kids were usually told not to touch their computers until their homework was done, and the whole world of technology seemed very distant and unrealistic.

However, with some of the latest technological advancements, experts could present a much more favourable picture to the world. For better or worse, the pandemic has taught us many new things and has shown us new ways to approach challenges.

The most prominent way people approached education and learning in these trying times was using technology. The thing once deemed completely redundant and overly complicated has now become an integral part of education.

Far too many benefits come from using the tech-aided learning approach. Here is a look at some of the most innovative ways technology can help learning.

A more collaborative approach

Many people have been led to believe that technology separates people, especially kids and young adults. However, things are turning out quite differently. In the early stages, the global pandemic bombarded the educational industry with several problems, most of which revolved around isolated studying with nearly no ability to collaborate and communicate.

Students and teachers were forced to use technology to make something happen. Things turned out to be way better than anyone had ever hoped for. People worldwide recognize the value of technology in learning because it brings students closer together.

This was not only the case for students attending the same school but also for students from different corners of the world. International collaborative efforts are becoming the standard, with many higher education institutions and schools accepting international students who can attend lectures and make their own contributions to courses completely remotely.

This is a super stimulative environment for learning because students are now able to offer various different viewpoints. Most of these collaborations are possible through online platforms such as Google Docs and various messaging systems that allow constant communication with students and teachers.

Learn by making projects

One of the downsides of the previous forms of education is that they were based around rote memorization, which quickly became very stale and ineffective. Making school projects was something very few students truly benefited from, mostly because they were given all the information in advance, which later turned into a nice-looking giant poster.

However, this approach eliminated any research and creative thinking. Modern projects are handled completely online because online platforms allow infinite freedom regarding what can be done. Students can create videos, make images, write blogs or even code their projects.

With the uncapped potential for creativity, students are automatically encouraged to dig deeper into a topic, think critically and develop a true sense of what it is to search for quality information.

5 Innovative Ways Technology is Improving How People Learn

Use digital resources

The success behind the ability to research deeper about relevant topics and think critically comes from the fact that more and more schools are providing verified and extensive digital resources to students. Nearly three-quarters of schools (64%) in countries like the UK integrate technology into their day-to-day operations.

The University of Warwick serves as an excellent example. The organization has implemented a spectacular way to digitally distribute Warwick student resources, allowing students to contribute with their lesson notes and share relevant materials on various topics. Accessing verified information within an educational institution has never been easier and more engaging.

Parents get more insights

A parent’s role in a child’s education is extremely important yet often overlooked. In an age where technology didn’t play any significant role in education, parents were left in the dark about their children’s progress. It was not so easy for a parent to get valuable insights into what their child was learning.

This was troublesome because oftentimes, a child would struggle with school simply because they did not get proper support and motivation. There is no one who can encourage a child better than their parents. Modern technology also makes it possible to include parents in the whole conversation.

This allows them to study more effectively with their children and track their progress. Teachers can also consult parents much more easily and exchange insights with them.

5 Innovative Ways Technology is Improving How People Learn

Self-paced learning

One of the most notable contributions of technology in modern education is the ability to learn at one’s preferred pace. Many students have difficulties with studying not because of their learning abilities but because they require a different approach to learning.

Some students prefer to explore information independently, which requires studying at their own pace. Students can benefit from a more thorough and optimal learning approach because they choose to progress the curriculum at their own pace.

This also helps students truly pursue their talents and focus on what they are good at, which allows them to progress faster than they normally would.

The latest advancements in technology have forever changed how we learn and pursue education. However, this means that the change is positive and offers incredible advantages. A more collaborative approach to learning is bringing students all over the world closer together.

Project-based learning is also a lot more creative and promotes critical thinking. Amazing online platforms allow students to share verified resources and information. In addition, parents and teachers are brought closer together as they integrate and merge their insights. Lastly, everyone can learn at their own pace.

Written by Brigitte Evans



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