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Why has the Popularity of Rugby Started Growing lately?



On the annual calendar was written 1871, which was the year when the Rugby Football Union was officially founded. Since that year, the popularity of rugby has soared. Especially in the last few years, rugby has created a multimillion base community.

After its creation, there are many countries where rugby is played at the national level. One of the most important events that have affected the popularity of rugby is the World Cup. The first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987 in Australia and New Zealand.

The most successful countries in this sport are New Zealand (All Blacks), South Africa, Australia, England, and France. With the most World Cup trophies, New Zealand and South Africa are the dominators of the sport so far.



The Growth of Rugby Clubs Around the World

After the first World Cup, rugby experienced a great surge in popularity. This can be seen in the number of clubs registered as rugby clubs worldwide. At this time, more than 180,000 clubs around the world are officially registered as rugby clubs.

Another important element that has entered the sport in recent years is iGaming. After the sport was included in the biggest gambling companies, rugby has increased its popularity all over the world. You can now find markets on the most popular rugby leagues in the world.

Whether it’d be line betting NRL or match event bets in Super League Europe, providers are seeking to offer more and more access to the biggest leagues and competitions across the world, in addition to offering previous and betting tips to round out their coverage.

As the number of clubs we mentioned above, another big number is that of registered players. The last calculation of registered rugby players has shown that there are more than 6 million players in the world. Considering this, nowadays it is easy to say that rugby is a worldwide known sport with millions of followers.

The First Appearances in Olympic Games

What is the one thing that can make a sport a worldwide trend? Well, for most of the people in the world, this is the Olympic Games. Rugby Union has tried a lot of times to enter in the Olympic Games in the past.

In 2016, those efforts paid off. This was the first time rugby earned a spot at the Olympic Games. With its first appearance at the Rio 2016 Olympics, rugby immediately became a topic of conversation in those days.

After that, the game kept popping up at the Olympic Games. In both 2016 and 2020, rugby gained a lot of new supporters. This is likely to be repeated at the upcoming 2024 Olympics in France.

Rugby is an Easy to Learn Sport

In general, rugby is an easy sport to learn with simple rules. The most famous rule in rugby is that, unlike in American football, players are not allowed to wear helmets and shoulder pads.

Each team has 15 players on the field. One of the funniest things about rugby is that all players can run with the ball at some point in the game.

This rule is designed to help many players become MVPs at some point in their careers. For most new players, it takes less than a couple of training sessions to learn all the rules of the game.

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Why has the Popularity of Rugby Started Growing lately?

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