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UFC President Dana White Say No “Fight Island” For Fighting Fans



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UFC Sports fans the world over have been having a tough go of things during the global pandemic as sporting events are being cancelled. Oftentimes with no estimate on dates for the events to take place again afterwards.

There has been some good news for some, as events such as the Olympics and the Euro 2020 event were confirmed to be taking place at some time next year. But also bad news for others as events such as Wimbledon were cancelled completely for the year.

For fight fans, it has been even harder – the UFC has had a bit of trouble communicating with fans. As an on and off again message has been going around for weeks. The long awaited fight between Khabib and Ferguson was set to headline the event. However as one of the fighters had returned home it was looking as if the event was in jeopardy. Consequently another fighter had stepped forward to take the fight on short notice.

Fight fans were once again hopeful for some good news

A lot can change within a week, however, as fight fans quickly realized once again. The biggest question would be where the event is being held. Many states within the US said the fight wasn’t possible even without fan attendance. Then news had turned to some fantastical story in which the event would take place on an island. Quickly dubbed by Sports media as “fight island.” Something that seemed quite wild even for the UFC.

UFC 249 Fight Cancelled

The logistics of which seemed a little unrealistic for some, but despite the very adamant stance that things would be going ahead as planned, it appears that someone somewhere may have stepped in as just a few hours after fight island had been announced, UFC president Dana White then released an announcement stating that not only was the anticipated UFC 249 cancelled, but every event in future would be cancelled indefinitely whilst efforts to tackle the coronavirus remain.

Bad news all around for many – those who were hoping to book their UFC fight pass for something to look forward to will remain disappointed, betting companies who rely on the events continue to struggle and continue to rely on their online casino alternatives to stay afloat, to those who may face restrictions you can get around gamstop here by using alternatives.

With no clear estimation for when events could begin again as the US continues to approach the worst of the outbreak, it may yet be a long wait until things get underway again – what’s worse is that some of the lesser known fighters who rely on the under card fights to support themselves may not be able to find a return to fighting and so some of our favourite smaller stars may not come back. Fight island was a cool idea, and would’ve been a spectacle to see, but there’s always next time!


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