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UEFA Champions League Draw Results: Man City Draw PSG in Group of Death



UEFA Champions League Draw Results: Man City Draw PSG in Group of Death

The draw for the UEFA Champions League bunch stages is finished and it has hurled a large group of exciting matchups and storylines for the coming long time with a line of Europe’s greatest clubs drawn against one another. CBS Sports and Paramount+ will be your go-to home for everything Champions League.

Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain will go head to head in Group A, in what could, at last, be a matchup between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The last has effectively moved to the French capital while the Premier League champions are in chats with Ronaldo’s delegates over an expected exchange. In any case, their group of four may be the most exciting of all with German side RB Leipzig going along with them a year subsequent to taking Manchester United out in the gathering stages.

In the interim, Messi’s previous club Barcelona should confront a rerun of their horrible 8-2 misfortune to Bayern Munich in the 2020 quarterfinals in Group E. Champions Chelsea will confront Juventus in Group H while Group B contains three previous victors – Liverpool, Porto, and AC Milan – close by Spanish champions Atletico Madrid.

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Champions League group stage results

  • Group A: Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, RB Leipzig, Club Brugge
  • Group B: Atletico Madrid, Liverpool, Porto, AC Milan
  • Group C: Sporting, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, Besiktas
  • Group D: Inter MIlan, Real Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, Sheriff
  • Group E: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Benfica, Dynamo Kyiv
  • Group F: Villarreal, Manchester United, Atalanta, Young Boys
  • Group G: Lille, Sevilla, Red Bull Salzburg, Wolfsburg
  • Group H: Chelsea, Juventus, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Malmo

Winners and losers in UEFA Champions League

Winners – The occupants of Group C

None of the group of four of Sporting, Borussia Dortmund, Ajax, and Besiktas should take their section to the last 16 for allowed however similarly Branislav Ivanovic and Michael Essien did them an all-powerful blessing with the present draw. With the conceivable special case of the German monsters, none of these groups would have been especially preferred to arrive at the knockout rounds however they will all vibe that a best two spot is immovably inside their range.

For Borussia Dortmund specifically, the draw could hardly be greater and however, the best position is presently not exactly the aid for the round of 16 draws that it was 10 years prior these rivals could offer Erling Haaland and friends an opportunity to truly force themselves on this challenge from the beginning.

Losers – Paris Saint-Germain

Nasser Al Khelaifi’s face said everything. The last thing he needed was a match up with the other monetary juggernaut of European football in Manchester City, an inflexible articulation extended across his look as the camera panned to him following the disclosure his side would be put in Group A. Include RB Leipzig along with everything else – a side who beat them at home in last season’s gathering stage – and this is a difficult gathering for every one of its members.

So for what reason is PSG the failure? Not at all like Man City, they won’t enter the gathering stage with a crew acquainted with its own qualities and shortcomings, the odd expansion enhancing Pep Guardiola’s finalists from last season. Rather Mauricio Pochettino simply has a couple of not exactly aggressive Ligue 1 games to assemble a framework that draws out the best from any semblance of Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, and Georginio Wijnaldum. The ability is there however is there an adequate chance to guarantee that this site, generally expected to win the entire competition, doesn’t experience some early wobbles?

Winners – Sheriff Tiraspol

The champions of Moldova will realize that this kind of chance doesn’t come around all that frequently. They are the principal agents of their nation to arrive at the gathering phases of the opposition and despite the fact that they were an acceptable incentive for their 3-0 total success over Dinamo Zagreb it is reasonable to question whether they will be back here all that frequently.

In case this is an oddball, or possibly a rare visit to the business end of the Champions League, then, at that point what could be better compared to inviting the most renowned of clubs throughout the entire existence of this opposition to Tiraspol? Also, it’s Real Madrid as well as three-time European champions Inter Milan making the outing to Transnistria. The sheriff may likewise feel that they can give Shakhtar Donetsk a reasonable few migraines after they battled past Monaco in the qualifiers.

Losers – Anyone who has since a long time ago lost interest in the Messi-Ronaldo banter

On the off chance that Cristiano Ronaldo gets his transition to City may the lord have mercy on us every one of us. A mixed drink of babble tweets and cloying “wouldn’t we be able to simply appreciate them both for what their identity is” feels unavoidable. Somebody switch off Twitter for the City-PSG games.

Winner – Thomas Tuchel

Another who will be more than content with his parcel, the Chelsea supervisor will feel similar to Goldilocks with that specific gathering. Not really simple that assumptions get exaggerated for the holders, not really troublesome as to place their capability in any genuine uncertainty. Should Cristiano Ronaldo get the leave he wants Juventus may not exactly have sufficient assaulting capability to genuinely test the landmass’ best safeguard. In the meantime, Tuchel gets outings to Turin, Saint Petersburg, and Brugge out of it. Decent work on the off chance that you can get it.

Gathering stage dates in UEFA Champions League

Thursday, Aug. 26

Gathering stage draw (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Sept. 14

Matchday 1 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Matchday 1 (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Sept. 28

Matchday 2 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Sept. 29

Matchday 2 (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Oct. 19

Matchday 3 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Oct. 20

Matchday 3 (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Nov. 2

Matchday 4 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Nov. 3

Matchday 4 (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Nov. 23

Matchday 5 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Nov. 24

Matchday 5 (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Dec. 7

Matchday 6 (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Matchday 6 (Paramount+)

Knockout stage dates

Monday, Dec. 13

Round of 16 draw (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Round of 16, first legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Feb. 16

Round of 16, first legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, Feb. 22

Round of 16, first legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, Feb. 23

Round of 16, first legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, March 8

Round of 16, second legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, March 9

Round of 16, second legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, March 15

Round of 16, second legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, March 16

Round of 16, second legs (Paramount+)

Friday, March 18

Quarterfinal and semifinal draw (Paramount+)

Tuesday, April 5

Quarterfinals, first legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, April 6

Quarterfinals, first legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, April 12

Quarterfinals, second legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, April 13

Quarterfinals, second legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, April 26

Semifinals, first legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, April 27

Semifinals, first legs (Paramount+)

Tuesday, May 3

Semifinals, second legs (Paramount+)

Wednesday, May 4

Semifinals, second legs (Paramount+)

Saturday, May 28

Champions League last in Saint Petersburg Stadium (Paramount+)


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