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Top NFL Video Games of All Time

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Top NFL Video Games of All Time

Watching the NFL is a lot of fun and fans find many ways to participate in the action from afar. Betting is one of the most popular pastimes for many American football aficionados.

Checking the latest NFL betting odds is one way for them to see how their teams stack up against the competition.

Playing NFL-themed video games is another way for football enthusiasts to get involved in their favorite sport.

After all, you can’t watch the NFL year-round, so grabbing a controller is sometimes the next best way to stay connected to the sport.

Games based on sports have always been some of the bestselling titles in the industry, with American football titles ranking toward the top of the list. Keep reading to learn about some of the best NFL video games of all time.


When it comes to ranking NFL titles, most fans agree that NFL 2K is among the best, if not the best ever American football gaming franchise ever made.

The series had everything, including life-like TV-style broadcasts and crisp, smooth gameplay.

Players lost hours in the game’s fantasy draft mode and season mode, with the only aspect missing being franchise mode.

NFL 2K was the go-to choice for those who wanted to play football on their console before Madden NFL.

The visionary series from EA came together after the developer and the NFL reached an exclusive long-term agreement for the rights to use player and team names..

However, the game’s days were numbered once this agreement ended. NFL 2K5 was the last title in an amazing run.

Tecmo Super Bowl

While its graphics may seem primitive by today’s standards, when Tecmo Super Bowl was released in 1991 for the NES, it was considered a groundbreaking sports game.

It has the distinction of being the first football title to hold both NFL and NFLPA licenses, allowing team and player names to be used.

The game created a realistic football experience and was so successful that sequels followed on both the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

The title featured a full-season mode, a play now mode, and 9-on-9 football.

It was rudimentary compared to today’s standards, with players having a choice between two run plays or two pass plays. However, it has become a legend among football gaming fans and rightfully earned its place among the best.

Madden Series

There’s no denying that the Madden series is one of the best NFL video games in history.

Given the titles are released annually, there are many to choose from, making it difficult to pinpoint the best title in the franchise.

Madden is currently the only licensed NFL title on the market. So, if you want to play with real teams and players, this is the one to choose.

It’s known for its extensive franchise mode that allows players to manage a team or several teams over many seasons.

Franchise mode lets gamers take on the general manager role, including signing and trading talent.

Players also get to coach games in franchise mode. Madden is an outstanding NFL game and will be the only one available for the foreseeable future.

NFL GameDay

This arcade-style game was a hit with gamers, competing with the Madden series in the late 90s and early 2000s.

It was one of the first titles with three-dimensional characters, giving it a futuristic vibe that attracted new players.

The total control passing that made it possible to lead receivers to a spot on the field to reduce the chance of a turnover also proved a hit with fans.

Unfortunately, the franchise’s popularity declined over the years, and EA eventually bought the exclusive rights to the NFL, marking the end of the series.

Troy Aikman Football

Once upon a time, Troy Aikman was the biggest name in football, so big that he got an NFL video game franchise named after him.

In this game, players take on the role of their favorite quarterback.

One of the commercials for the title said they’d stolen Aikman’s brain, allowing gamers to play the way Aikman did.

Although the claims to have placed Aikman’s brain in the game were overblown, given the chaotic gameplay,  it was still a hit among fans. The on-field action was solid, as were the title’s graphics.

NFL Street

After witnessing the success of FIFA Street, EA decided to replicate its success with NFL Street.

The title proved to be a hit, spawning two sequels. This isn’t your typical NFL game.

Instead, it’s all about street football, with teams of seven players competing in urban setting. Gamers could play against its AI-controlled team or in multiplayer.

The title featured several modes, including a pick-up game, exhibition, and season mode.

Style points were a favorite among players, allowing them to get bonuses for performing special moves during the match.

If a player earned enough style points, it would result in a “gamebreaker” that lasted for the entire drive.

Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders

Back when Deion Sanders was a household star, Prime Time NFL featuring his name became a hit among football fans everywhere.

The title was released in 1995 on the Sega Genesis, and like Sander’s moves on the field, it had a lot of entertaining action.

The game featured solid graphics and had an extensive free agency mode.

While it was a bit challenging to learn the controls, that didn’t stop gamers from having a good time playing it.

NFL Blitz

This title was the ultimate arcade-based NFL game and was all about having fun. With its wacky calls and average graphics, players couldn’t take themselves too seriously while playing NFL Blitz.

The title took many liberties as it expanded on traditional gameplay, extending the time to the first down from ten to thirty yards, setting players on fire, and not calling penalties, to name just a few.

The series spanned from the mid-90s to the 200s when EA Sports gained the exclusive NFL license.

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