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Top 7 FIFA World Cup Teams of All Time



Top 7 FIFA World Cup Teams of All Time

The FIFA World Cup has seen several outstanding teams throughout its history. With five victories, Brazil boasts the best World Cup record.

Legendary players from the world of football, such as Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer, and Xavi Hernandez, have also attended the event and competed for a few of the greatest World Cup squads ever.

However, not all legendary teams have taken home the converted trophy. Those who weren’t as fortunate as the Netherlands still managed to stand out during the games and enthrall spectators with their gorgeous play.

7. Hungary – 1954

Ferenc Puskas carried Hungary to a fantastic World Cup play in 1954. The team was referred to as “The Magical Magyars” worldwide.

Regardless of amazing tournament performances and victories over champions like Uruguay and Brazil, they still fell to West Germany in the championship match, 3-2.

It is often known as one of the finest World Cup teams in history that have never been able to win the championship. In over fifty international games between 1950 and 1956, it was the only loss of Hungary.

6. Brazil – 1982

The Legendary 1982 Brazilian team comprised Zico, Eder, and Socrates. The team is frequently cited as the finest international team to have finished second in a World Cup. This was the classic Brazilian team, loaded with immense talent and wonderful moments.

They were worthy heirs to the legendary squad of 1970, thanks to their outstanding players. Even if their loss to Italy was a great upset, it doesn’t take anything away from their undeniable talent.

Irrespective of having a talented team, they could not win the World Cup. The audience was astonished by their elimination from the competition after losing in the group round.

5. Brazil – 1962

Any squad that has won two consecutive World Cups ought to have some pretty extraordinary aspects. Brazil was so exceptional that they could win despite being without their finest player, injured forward Pele.

The outstanding performance of Garrincha, who shone in the final as Brazil solidified their status as the world’s best team, eased worries over the absence of Pele from the last rounds.

Following Italy, the Selecao was the second team to successfully defend the World Cup. Despite missing their star striker Pele, they overcame Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the championship game.

Mané Garrincha took the reins and led the squad to victory instead.

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4. Brazil – 1958

Brazil won the 1958 World Cup by defeating Sweden 5-2. Pele made history in the match by being the youngest player to play in a World Cup final, to score in a World Cup final, and to take home the trophy.

However, the team’s success was due to more than simply the young Pele.

Irrespective of the fact that he helped his country win their first World Cup in 1958 by scoring in their 5-2 victory against Sweden, all of the members of this starting lineup were heroes of fame, hailed as legends for giving Brazil its first World Cup.

3. Spain – 2010

The Spain side that won every match in 2010 would have been suitable for any World Cup. At the first World Cup contested in Africa ever, Spain’s “tikitaka” play smothered opponents and delighted billions of spectators.

The three leaders who helped La Roja win their first World Cup were Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso, and Andre Iniesta. Spain won the European Championships in 2008 and 2012 and is the only team to have won three consecutive international championships.

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2. West Germany – 1974

West Germany continued to play well after winning the European Championships of 1972, and they dominated the 1974 World Cup.

Franz Beckenbauer was the team’s star, a slick sweeper who oversaw his soldiers from the back of the pitch and served as the focal point of this squad. They were capable of using Gerd Mueller’s predatory tendencies up top.

1. Brazil – 1970

The team Brazil in the 1970 World Cup was chosen to be the greatest ever in 2007. None of the teams in history have ever completely dominated a competition as the Selecao did during that World Cup.

Brazil accomplished more than just winning the competition; they motivated a generation. Football legends such as Pele, Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto, and Tostao were the leading force of the game.

Additionally, it was the first time the competition was aired in color. In the championship, Brazil crushed Italy 4-1.


It is during the World Cup that a team may achieve immortality. The greatest teams are created on the platform of each World Cup, yet good teams may succeed in any venue.

Winning the competition is the easiest and simplest approach to becoming well-known in the long run.

The list provided in this article proves that it is possible to become memorable without winning the grand prize, though as well.

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