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Tim Tebow Jaguars? Jacksonville Delivers Tight End in First Bunch of Rosters Cuts



Tim Tebow Jaguars? Jacksonville Delivers Tight End in First Bunch of Rosters Cuts

The Jaguars allowed Tim Tebow Jaguars an opportunity to get back to the NFL at the tight end position. In any case, it didn’t work out.

After only one preseason game, the Jaguars chose to discharge Tebow. NFL groups were needed to slice their 90-man rosters to 85 by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 17 and he was one of the primary players delivered.

In spite of his concise stay in Jacksonville, Tebow was appreciative for his chance with the association and expressed gratitude toward them on Twitter Tuesday morning.


Thus, the Tim Tebow test didn’t exactly work out. It was consistently a longshot, as Tebow was getting back to the NFL following six years from the game and played his first preseason game Saturday night. In any case, his school mentor turned-Jaguars mentor, Urban Meyer, allowed the changed-over quarterback an opportunity to battle for a spot at the tight end position during the 2021 NFL offseason.

Before the Jaguars-Browns preseason game, Tebow, 34, had last played during the 2015 preseason with the Eagles, at quarterback. Then, at that point, he went through five years in the New York Mets association playing small-time baseball. He hit .223 with 18 homers across three small-time seasons.

Will Tim Tebow make the Jaguars?

Meyer has generally been reserved while tending to Tebow’s shots at making the Jaguars’ 53-man roster. The first occasion when he did as such was in an early June meeting on the Rich Eisen Show. During that appearance, Meyer recognized that making the group wouldn’t really be simple for Tebow, however, he praises his hard-working attitude.

“What’s the level of making the group? We don’t have the foggiest idea, this is unknown water, this is going to be extremely challenging, however, he’s been doing extraordinary,” Meyer told Eisen. “He’s been doing extraordinary practically speaking, he’s learning the offense as you can envision. He’s filling in as hard as anyone. I see a decent kinship among the group and Tim, and it’s been acceptable up until this point.”

Soon thereafter, whenever got some information about Tebow’s roster chances by USA Today’s Mackenzie Salmon, Meyer to a great extent evaded the inquiry. He called Tebow “one of 90” on the list and suggested he wasn’t contemplating the 53-man list a lot yet.

How has Tim Tebow glanced in the instructional course?

True to form, Tebow had far to go when he began filling in as a tight end with the Jaguars in May. Meyer called Tebow’s first practice with the Jaguars “abnormal,” yet additionally noted Tebow had “improved” in the beginning phases of learning his new job.

“In any case, I wouldn’t say peculiar — off-kilter perhaps, the principal practice,” Meyer said. ”Be that as it may, it’s one of 90, attempting to make the group. He has improved, it’s all-new for him, however, Tyler Bowen is working effectively with our tight finishes in general.”

Meyer kept on commending Tebow’s improvement during June OTAs. Meyer noticed that his previous quarterback at Florida had “made a fair showing” through rehearses fourteen days after Tebow originally saw the field.

“Goodness, Tim has made a nice showing. We as a whole realize this is another situation for him,” Meyer said. “He’s an extraordinary colleague. In the storage space, I can see everyone getting along, we have great science in our group. Yet, he’s gotten it tolerably.”

Schottenheimer likewise examined Tebow’s journey to get familiar with the subtleties of his new position.

“He knows there are things he doesn’t have the foggiest idea,” Schottenheimer said. “He poses unimaginable inquiries, you know, he truly does.”

How Tim Tebow acted in his first preseason game

Tebow’s first preseason game as a tight end was forgettable. He was designated only once in 16 hostile snaps and didn’t record a catch. He didn’t play in unique groups.

Tebow previously saw the field with under 20 seconds staying in the main half. He got an opportunity to make a catch over the center of the field, yet he and Tavon Austin wound up in a similar spot on the play. Austin figured out how to catch the toss, which didn’t consider an authority focus for Tebow.

After halftime, Tebow didn’t see the field two or three plays to close the second from last quarter. Jacksonville gave him some red-zone snaps where he was utilized as a blocker. It went poorly.

Tebow’s first endeavor at a square became a web sensation, as he collided with a Brown’s protector just to branch off the side of him and tumble to the ground. His helpless square didn’t affect Dare Ogunbowale’s 6-yard run, however, it was terrible, regardless.

Meyer didn’t talk about Tebow’s presentation, as he was not gotten some information about Tebow’s exhibition in his postgame question and answer session.

Jaguars tight end depth chart

The uplifting news for Tebow as he battles for a list spot is that the Jaguars’ tight end room is light on NFL-level ability and experience. Indeed, the six tight finishes on their roster consolidated have only 101 gets at the NFL level.

Player Career Catches
James O’Shaughnessy 88
Chris Manhertz 12
Ben Ellefson 1
Tim Tebow 0
Tyler Davis 0
Luke Farrell 0

It’s significant that Farrell is a newbie fifth-balance pick of Ohio State, yet he just had 34 all-out discovers during his four school seasons. Thus, it stays conceivable that if Tebow shows enough in uncommon groups, he could make the roster.

For the time being, however, Tebow ends up behind the two veterans — Manhertz and O’Shaughnessy — just as Farrell on the Jaguars’ depth chart. He’s recorded as fourth-string on the depth chart alongside Ellefson and Davis.

Depth Chart Rank Player(s)
1 Chris Manhertz
2 James O’Shaughnessy
3 Luke Farrell
4 Ben Ellefson, Tyler Davis, Tim Tebow


Obviously, the Jaguars’ preseason Week 1 depth chart records Gardner Minshew and Trevor Lawrence as co-starters while Travis Etienne is the third-string running back, so it’s significant not to add something extra to this a lot of presently.

Tim Tebow Jaguars? Jacksonville Delivers Tight End in First Bunch of Rosters Cuts,Tim Tebow Jaguars? Jacksonville Delivers Tight End in First Bunch of Rosters Cuts

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