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The WWE Night Of Champions 2023 Results: Seth Rollins Wins



The WWE Night Of Champions 2023 Results: Seth Rollins Wins

(CTN News) – In the opening match of WWE Night of Champions 2023 in Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles after an excellent opening 20-minute match.

With Rollins’ win, he has become the new WWE world heavyweight champion after Triple H revived the belt last month by giving it back to him.

Whenever the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was announced, it was going to be a tough sell for the company. Additionally, starting the lineage of the team in the first match didn’t help either.

In addition to being a beautiful championship belt, the WWE World Heavyweight Title did not offer great marginal returns since Roman Reigns already holds two world titles.

Pro wrestling is suddenly beginning to resemble boxing in the worst way possible. The WWE is one world championship away from having a Ring Magazine World Championship.

The introductory promo for Triple H did not help. It appeared as though WWE was in a panic and had broken the glass case on an emergency belt.

In the April 24 broadcast of Raw, Triple H stated that the belt was being commissioned since Roman Reigns had negotiated a lighter schedule.

As a result of Cody Rhodes’ elimination during the opening match of the WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament, attention immediately turned to Rhodes’ budding feud with Brock Lesnar.

Ultimately, Rhodes vs. Lesnar is a microcosm of the pecking order of Night of Champions, as it feels larger than the crowning of WWE’s bronze medal disguised as a world title.

Rhodes and Rollins were separated throughout their feud by barriers. There were some barriers that WWE could not control, such as Seth Rollins’ involvement in Captain America: New World Order.

Some of the problems, such as insistence on having a draft, were self-inflicted. With Seth Rollins on Raw, where the new world title will be contested, it is all but a given that Rollins will win the match.

Although the WWE World Heavyweight Championship started off on the wrong foot, there are upsides to the championship as well.

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins provided a match worthy of crowning a first world champion. SummerSlam 2019 was an underrated classic between the two, followed by a match almost as good at Night of Champions.

(Despite a few hiccups), long-term booking is all the rage in WWE, and has already begun telling the story of Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins. Rollins sent warning shots to Reigns in his sit-down interview on Monday’s go-home Raw.

“I love Roman Reigns, but I dislike Roman Reigns,” said Rollins

The man he has become as well as the champion he has become—I have no respect for those things.” Rollins also referred to Reigns as “selfish.”

Survivor Series is expected to be a Raw versus SmackDown matchup between Rollins and Reigns now that WWE has returned to exclusive rosters.


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