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The Financial Scorecard of the NFL: Understand the Business Side of the League



The Financial Scorecard of the NFL: Understand the Business Side of the League

It is no secret that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. Players are able to earn huge sums of money on their contracts, with many able to make obscene amounts. Some are able to earn $20 million +, while there are others that continue to push the boundaries and earn double that in some instances as they become the best player in their position.

Players are only able to earn those sums of money because of the finances that are involved in America’s top sport, in terms of popularity. While we take for granted the action that takes place on the gridiron as fans, it is important to remember that the league is a business, after all.

NFL owners and the league continues to work together in order to generate as much revenue as possible in order to make their product the best it can be. They do this via a range of different income streams, with many being extremely valuable to each of the 32 NFL franchises.

Team Valuations

The valuation of a team helps them to generate significant revenues in a number of different ways. They can use their valuation to attract the biggest sponsors and charge the heftiest sums in order to display their brand, while the valuation can also help them to have greater commerciality for other industries that may want to tap into the sporting space.

The team’s valuation is determined through various factors, including their popularity across the world, the stadium that they have, the players on the roster, as well as recent performances in the league. Other aspects can feature market demographics, as these can help make the team be more profitable.

According to the latest report by Forbes – in August 2022 – each team saw their value increase. The Dallas Cowboys retained their position as the most valuable, as they were estimated to be worth approximately $8 billion. “America’s Team” managed to bring in over $1 billion in revenue that season, with operating income being $466 million.

Sports Betting Industry

One of the newest forms of revenue that the NFL has been able to take advantage of, the sports betting industry has become a significant cash cow for the league and teams across the nation. The overturning of PASPA in 2018 allowed fans to be able to place a bet on their favorite teams, and the league decided to allow sportsbooks to form sponsorships and partnerships with teams.

Now, fans are able to get a comprehensive offering of NFL odds from the top operators, as they are given more opportunities than ever before to participate in legal wagering.

Sports betting commercials can be prevalent during games being played, while the league has also created its own adverts in the past to make sure it provides its own responsible gambling message to ensure a safe and positive experience is always enjoyed.

By doing this, they will have been able to increase their revenues further.

Revenue Streams

The NFL has been able to sell licensing of its product to a number of companies across a variety of industries. This has proven to be incredibly successful for decades, and it is still one of the best ways the league is able to generate the sums of money that it can on an annual basis.

While teams will make a significant portion of their revenues from match-day experiences, such as ticket sales, they have also been able to capitalize on the demand for merchandise baring the club’s colors and logo.

While many will sell directly, they have also managed to sell the license to retailers and manufacturers in order to sell their products, thus taking a cut of what is being earned.

TV Contracts & Revenue

TV revenue, though, has always been the biggest contributor to the business side of things, as it is though around 70% of the revenue generated comes from the networks broadcasting the games live.

With the NFL being in a position of huge demand, they are able to negotiate lucrative contracts, with these typically being worth more with each new deal being made.

The contracts that are formed can have a huge impact on other forms of revenue that can be generated, too. The league has the ability to move games to better spots on the schedule, such as into primetime. By doing so, they can make sure more eyes are watching, which could then ultimately be converted into revenue.

The NFL is a Global Business

While things like the expansion of the product in terms of international games have not even been discussed, it is clear that the NFL is a finely-tuned business and one that has been able to make the most of the available revenue streams.

If there is a dollar to be made, you can guarantee the NFL will find out how and exploit it as much as possible.

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