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Thailand (NBTC) Authorized a 600 Million baht budget to buy FIFA World Cup 2022 Broadcasting Rights



Thailand (NBTC) Authorized a 600 Million baht budget to buy FIFA World Cup 2022 Broadcasting Rights

(CTN News) – The National Broadcasting Commission (NBTC) of Thailand has authorized a budget of 600 million baht to acquire broadcast rights so Thais may watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup on TV. The problem?

With just 11 days till the start of the event, Thailand is short one billion baht ($27.2 million) due to the cost of the broadcasting rights.

The funding to watch the competition, which will begin in Qatar on November 20, was approved by the NBTC committee in a 4:2 decision that took place at 9:30 a.m. today.

Kongsak Yodmanee, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) governor, said he has been discussing raising the remaining funds with business leaders.

“I’m a little concerned about the amount of money that has to be raised [for the broadcasting rights] since I had anticipated that the budget would be higher. In the little time we have left, I will try to find the additional funds necessary for the Thai people to watch the FIFA World Cup.

Just a week before, Somsak Thepsuthin, minister of justice, said that Thailand could balance its budget without the help of the private sector. Additionally, he said that the licensing cost was lower than one billion baht and that the Thai press had exaggerated it.

Just a few days before, Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan “confirmed” that Thai citizens will have free access to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

With just 11 days left before the event, broadcasting rights have still not been acquired, despite Thailand having had more than ten years to prepare. Pigs could fly; however, being last-minute is nothing new in laid-back Thai.

Thai business billionaire Komol Jungrungraengkit stepped in at the last minute and paid 300 million baht (about US$10 million at the time) for the media rights, which is the sole reason Thais were able to watch the Euro 2020.

It was improbable that Euro 2020 would have shown in Thai if Komol hadn’t purchased the rights. Every advertisement shown throughout the competition was for sandals since Komol, the owner of the Aerosoft shoe manufacturer, paid for the media rights.

But this time, the cost is more than three times greater. Will someone accept the challenge?

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