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Thai Football Fans Bet Billions of Baht on Euro 2020



Thai Football Fans Bet Billions of Baht on Euro 2020

Euro 2020 the European Football Championship  is in its full swing, and football betting will intensify during this period. Thai football fans can now enjoy the live broadcasts of all the Euro 2020 games through the NBT2HD channel. The games are currently underway, and the month-long Euro 2020 games will end on July 11.

The report of football betting among the Thai fans was shared by the Centre for Gambling Studies (CGS) and has also issued warnings to the parents to keep an eye on their young children.

The Chulalongkorn University already publishes a report, “Almost 30 million Thai citizens are gambling addicts. Out of this figure, 700,000 people living in Thailand are new gamblers. They are the people who are seeking new ways to make money amid the COVID-19 times.” This report was provided in detail by the Faculty of Economics and the Research Center for Social and Business Development of this Thai University.

News Surfacing of Euro 2020 Football Matches to be Aired Free

As football betting is making news again in the nation with Euro 2020, it is necessary to know about the person who made it possible for the football matches to be shown free. Mr. Komol Juangroongruangkit is a man who has paid for the broadcasting of football matches in the country. He has paid nearly B 310 million for getting the full rights to the tournament. This person made the NBT2HD channel to air the matches across the nation for free.

Amid all this, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation reports that “Nearly 2.4 million people are engaged in the football betting, and out of this figure almost 82.6% of Thai’s are children”. It was reported that during Euro 2016 football match, 16.8% of gamblers were children. One of the studies revealed that their friends invited them or got influenced by the Euro 2020 football tournament atmosphere that made them place the bet.

This year the Thai football betting players can watch all the games on the TV for free that will be held at Wembley Stadium in London, UK. The final will take place on July 11, 2021. The Thai fans with the airing of this tournament were able to watch the opening game between Italy and Turkey in which the former won the match by 3-0. Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Minister to the Prime Minister’s office, even thanked the people involved in getting the free-to-air broadcast for the Thai football fans.

Moreover, the reputed online casinos like AW8 and others provide the players an opportunity to bet online. The players can check the football betting odds on the AW8 platform.

Is Online Football Betting a Matter of Concern?

Betting in Thailand is a major concern for the government because when league matches or football tournaments take place, the betting increases manifold. Tens of billions of Baht will be put in betting, according to the reports for these Euro 2020 matches, concluding on July 11, 2021. Thailand’s government research center and universities provide timely studies that showcase how football betting is even impacting teenagers and youngsters.

The reputed Kasikorn Research Center and the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting of the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed a few vital statistics. These statistics are from the past Euro 2020 matches that have taken place in the country. The inflow of funds in 2004 was THB 33 billion, in 2008, it was THB 41 billion. In 2012, the fund’s inflow was THB 78 Billion, and the year 2016 saw the influx of THB 57.8 billion. Therefore, the experts from the Nation Thailand and ANN reporting agencies reported that this year the betting would cross almost tens of billions.

Despite the flow of funds and betting on the Euro 2020 matches, the government authorities in Thailand are praising the people who were able to make this free to the air of the match happen. A comment by a minister from the PM office, Mr. Anucha, clearly described, “General Prayut Chan-o-Cha, the Prime Minister of Thailand, hopes that all the citizens of the country will be happy to watch the matches from the Euro 2020. It will give them relief from the ongoing pandemic situation too.”

However, the government officials and authorities still stated that they would be keeping a strict eye on the bookmakers and the mobile apps that will be endorsing online football betting. It will help curb betting among the people from Thailand and save them from falling prey to gambling. But, the players from the country who still want to bet and win exclusive betting rewards can bet on a site like AW8. It will help them to witness the odds and play responsibly too clearly.

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