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Home Sweet Sports: Curating the Ultimate Sports Night Experience in Canada



Home Sweet Sports: Curating the Ultimate Sports Night Experience in Canada

Watching sports is a favourite leisure activity for many, especially come game night. After all, is there a better way to spend the night at home and on a budget than to surround yourself with friends and enjoy an epic sports game?

In case you want to see for yourself why a game night is as awesome as we make it to be, or if you’ve been selected as a host for the next game night, we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks to show you how to curate the ultimate Canadian sports night experience.

We’ll cover everything from what to watch and where to watch it and we will even include a few pointers and tell you how to make your game night that much more exciting.

What to Watch

The first step to a perfect game night is to decide what to watch. If you’re from Canada, there’s hardly any place for debate since, let’s face it, we know you are most likely picking an NHL game.

Jokes aside, everyone has their own preference, so make sure you pick a sport that you and your invitees are going to enjoy.

Apart from ice hockey, some of the most popular sports in Canada include soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. The list also includes sports like cricket, tennis, baseball, curling, and many others.

Your decision will most likely be influenced by the time of the year since not all sports are available throughout the year. Another aspect you might want to consider is how important the game is—for example, whether it’s the playoffs, the finals, or a game that will determine the league winner.

Of course, all of that goes down the drain if your and your friends’ favourite team is playing.

How to Watch

Considering we live in a digital era surrounded by technology and fast internet; the how-to watch section is a piece of cake.

In today’s time, the two most popular options are either cable TV or streaming a game directly to your TV.

If you decide to go for NHL, you can watch NHL games through Rogers Cable TV or stream via Rogers NHL Live. Similarly, you can stream NHL via Sportsnet NOW Premium, or through The Sports Network, which is allowed to stream a few games involving Canadian teams.

On the other hand, if you prefer watching basketball, you can stream MLB games on Roku devices. Moreover, you can also use Roku to stream NFL and many other sports, either by connecting your cable to your Roku devices or by getting a seasonal pass and connecting your information and credentials to your Roku account.

In the end, you’re only a Google search or two away from finding a streaming service or a platform where you can watch your favourite sport. Just remember that you might have to spend a few bucks since most streaming platforms charge a small amount for their services.

Where to Bet

Sports betting and sports are a match made in heaven. After all, betting is an excellent way to spice things up a little and make the game night even more exciting.

If you decide to go with traditional betting, a website like is an excellent starting point—Legal Bet Canada can help you easily find reliable, trustworthy, and licensed sportsbooks where you can place a bet or two.

In case you have your friends coming over, you might even want to consider a friendly wager between your invitees. You can bet on the winners, who will score first, or anything else that comes to mind, really.

Regardless of where you decide to bet or what you decide to bet on, one thing’s for certain; a wager or two is guaranteed to make the entire night more interesting.

What to Drink and Eat

The last thing you need to create the perfect atmosphere is to get the food and drinks ready. Depending on the sport you decide to watch, a single game may take a few hours, so snacks, food, and drinks are basically a must.

Most of the time, you can’t go wrong with a few cold beers for the evening. Of course, you shouldn’t forget soft drinks, in case some of your friends don’t drink alcohol. If they do, you can even go for whiskey or rum and Coke, or even prepare a few easy-to-make cocktails, if that’s what you and your friends prefer.

Don’t forget that you can also go ask your friends to BYOB. It is budget-friendly and allows everyone to have a drink they will surely enjoy.

As far as food goes, tasty finger food is your friend. While pizza, chicken wings, or quesadillas are the go-to choices most of the time, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment a bit and try new things. You can get garlic knots, chips with a nice dip, pigs in a blanket or anything else you may have a craving for, as long as it doesn’t require a knife and a fork.

The Wrap Up

The recipe on how to curate the ultimate sports night at home is not set in stone, and the most important thing to remember is that the perfect game night is all about the company and making the evening enjoyable for your guests.

Once you have the essentials ready, you should focus on how to make everyone’s night better and prepare the food and drinks.

If you’re unsure about your friends’ or your new coworkers’ preferences, make sure to give them a quick call so that you can prepare food and drink everyone will enjoy.

P.S. While you want your food to be fresh and hot, people generally prefer their drinks cold, so get what you want in advance and make sure beverages are chilled ahead of time.

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