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Panphet’s Family‘ Does Not Blame’ A French Muay Thai Fighter For Her Son’s Death

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Panphet’s Family‘ Does Not Blame' A French Muay Thai Fighter For Her Son’s Death

(CTN News) – Despite the death of Panphet Phadungchai, his mother “does not blame” French Muay Thai fighter Anthony Durand and encourages him to continue fighting.

In the wake of Saturday’s death of his opponent Panphet Phadungchai, Anthony Durand resigned from Muay Thai on Sunday.

During the fifth round of the match on July 15, Panphet was knocked out by Anthony and rushed to the hospital. A brain hemorrhage caused Panphet to enter a state of brain death and he passed away nine days after being placed on life support.

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Ladda Klinming spoke publicly about the death of her son Panphet…

I still don’t know if Anthony will really hang up his gloves for good. I don’t want him to stop fighting, I want him to fulfill Panphet’s dream.”

Anthony cannot be blamed for what happened. It was a fight. I want him to continue Panphet’s dream. I don’t want him to give up. Whether he stops fighting or not, I forgive him. It was an accident in a combat sport.”

Chadaporn Thongchua, Panphet’s wife, also spoke about her late husband…

‘From now on, I will take good care of our child and also assume your role as father. I will do everything I can to make sure that our child is a good person just as you planned.’

As soon as the funeral is over, I will quit my job and return to your parents’ house to take care of them.”

Anthony should not hang up his gloves. I want him to fulfill Panphet’s dream of becoming the champion. I don’t want him to give up Muay Thai.”

On July 31 and August 1, Wat Hang Talat will hold Panphet’s funeral.

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