Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Sacked as Manchester United Manager


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Sacked as Manchester United Manager



Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked on Sunday for not performing as expected. However, he believes he has left United in a better position than when he was appointed. Almost anything better than when he took over from Jose Mourinho he said.

Solskjaer was dismissed after Saturday’s 4-1 defeat at Watford left the team in seventh place with just one win from their last seven matches.

“I’m intending to leave by the front door because I think everyone knows I’ve given everything for this club. This club means everything to me and together we’re a good match, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the results we needed and it’s time for me to step aside,” he told the club’s MUTV channel.

He said, “I believe or know I will leave this club with a stronger squad. The environment here is fantastic. It’s an environment I’m proud to leave because you have to enjoy coming to work here.”

In 1999, Solskjaer scored the stoppage-time winner against Bayern Munich to win the Champions League final in 1999 as a player, winning six Premier League titles.

“I am very, very proud of myself. It is one of those things I have dreamed of. After learning what it takes to play and coach a reserve team, my next job was to manage the club, and now I have done that.

It has been absolutely enjoyable from the beginning to the end, so I have to thank all the players since they have been top lads, top people,” he said.

He Loved time with Manchester United

Former player Michael Carrick will manage the side at Villarreal on Tuesday while the club searches for an interim coach. Solskjaer has employed Carrick as a member of his coaching staff.

For United, a win would guarantee a place in the knockout stage, and Solskjaer backed them to achieve that goal.

“I told (the players) this morning as well, trust yourselves, you know we’re better than this. We haven’t shown it, but go forth and enjoy being a Man United player, playing in the Champions League, being on the biggest stage.

‘If and when you win the game, you’re through to the next round. Michael will be in charge. I really like Michael and I love him. I’m becoming emotional now because they’ll be fine. I’ll watch them and support them,” he said.

Announcing his intentions to spend some time with his family in Norway before possibly returning to the game, Solskjaer said he would continue to follow the team as a fan.

“I’ll watch the team of course, but if the next manager comes in, I want to support him. I want to see him succeed, and hopefully, I’ve laid the foundations for that to happen since I know I’m good at what I do.”

Eventually, I’ll probably be back working in football, that’s what I’m skilled at. I’m 100% sure to create a football environment.


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