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NFL Friday Night Lights Crossover & More News



NFL Friday Night Lights Crossover & More News

The National Football League has just started its latest preseason and fans are already talking about the exciting games. The league is currently playing its third week of four during the preseason. Some teams have proven to be very effective while others have failed to work well as a team. The Patriots, Titans, and Steelers were expected to do well, and they have. As for the Dallas Cowboys, the NFL’s most popular team hasn’t fared so well. It was beaten by the Steelers in its first game and barely topped by the Cardinals in its second game. Nevertheless, there is still time for these teams to improve and climb the rankings.

Anything could happen from now until the NFL playoffs. Below, readers will learn more about the biggest NFL news from the past few years.

NFL Friday Night Lights

Earlier this month, Major League Baseball held one of its most successful games in many, many years. The league recreated the games from the Field of Dreams movie. The stadium in Dyersville was used for a pivotal showdown between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees. It looked like Kevin Costner. The MLB went all out to make the game a success. For instance, it brought Costner onto the field to speak before the game.

The game captured attention from around the country and prove to be a massive success. Now, some are calling for the NFL to do the same with the hit Friday Night Lights. NFL Network analyst Peter Schrager was the first to pitch the idea to Roger Goodell. He argued that the Chiefs and Cowboys could play a regular-season game at Permian High School in Odessa, Texas. Suffice to say, the idea would replicate the 2004 drama Friday Night Lights. The high school football stadium can accommodate 20,000 fans. Although it sounds like a weird proposal, it works well for the MLB.

The MLB’s Field of Dreams game averaged 5.85 million viewers making it the most-watched regular-season game since 2005.

Jalen Hurts Starting for The Eagles

Many fans and analysts believe the Philadelphia Eagles have everything they need to succeed. Nevertheless, the team is in shambles. Many argue that the team’s offensive line struggles have cost them the most. During its latest game with the Patriots, Joe Flacco couldn’t pull the trigger. From start to finish, he was overwhelmed by the Patriots’ defense. As a result, many believe that second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts could steal the starting position. He was expected to play during the game against the Patriots and warmed up beforehand. However, an illness kept him off the field.

Hurts could be a triple-threat quarterback since he could always hand the ball to Miles Sanders or run it himself. He has proven to be effective when handling the ball. Furthermore, he can make the long pass down the field. Flacco is 36 years old and has several injuries. Therefore, it might be time to hand the ball over to the younger quarterback. Many have bet at สล็อตเว็บตรง and others elsewhere believe it is time for Hurts to start.

Deshaun Watson Criminal Probe Vital To His Season

During the past few months, Deshaun Watson has faced a handful of investigations and civil lawsuits. For starters, he faced 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual misconduct. Now, the Houston Police Department has confirmed will has launched a probe into the matter. On top of this, many were curious as to whether Watson will get to play this season. Some believe the NFL would step up and put the troubled player on the commissioner’s exempt list. If this happens, the quarterback for the Houston Texans would be placed on leave as the investigations continue. Ultimately, this hasn’t happened yet.

In 2019, the NFL shadow-banned Antonio Brown, but things are different this time. Watson is facing a criminal investigation and Brown was not. Since Brown wasn’t facing a criminal investigation, the NFL was free to conduct and conclude its own. The NFL is supposedly taking steps to ensure it doesn’t meddle with the ongoing criminal investigation of Watson. Is there a chance that Watson will end up playing this season? Ultimately, it could happen. However, Commissioner Goodell could step in and prevent that from happening.


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