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Neil Robertson and Steve Mifsud continue Australia’s Winning Start in Bangkok



Steve Mifsud,James Mifsud and Neil Robertson

Chiangrai News Press Release

Neil Robertson and Steve Mifsud went on to start winning in Australia in the Snooker World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, with a 3-2 win over Malta, Tony Drago and Alex Borg.

Former world amateur champion and player Mifsud Robertson – whose parents are Maltese – followed its 4-1 win over Thailand 1 opening with a win that puts them top of Group B and in pole position to qualify for the next round.

“Steve has not played this kind of pressure and is good for him to produce the goods that matter,” said Robertson. “I really did well. I lost the first frame and not want to go 2-0 down in this format, but if it were not for Steve had lost the match.

“I was under pressure twice and won twice. He beat James Wattana last night and has beaten Tony Drago and Alex Borg today.

“Steve and I practiced regularly when I was back home, but we’ve known for 16 years and two of our families know each other.’s Good to play with someone you’ve known for so long and it’s great to represent your country. ”

Mifsud could hardly believe the opportunity given him to the line against some of the best in the world, admitting Drago was a hero of his as a child.

“I never imagined I would be playing in a professional tournament like this and be here with these players,” he said. “There are some very talented players here in a lot of different countries.

“As a kid I remember seeing Tony Drago my parents were born in Malta, although born in Australia, so I have a connection with Malta. Tony Drago inspired me to play pool as a child, so it was a very important game for me. ”


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