Mavericks Should Pay Whatever It Takes To Keep Jalen Brunson


Mavericks Should Pay Whatever it Takes to Keep Jalen Brunson



(CTN News) –If the only option is to let Brunson walk to the New York Knicks or overpay him, the Mavericks should overpay him. In order to achieve championship aspirations in Dallas, there is only one option: pay market value. It doesn’t matter if Jalen’s father and godfather set the market.

New York is not a lucrative sign and trade market. Given the Mavericks cap situation, a sign-and-trade is extremely unlikely. That’s been discussed, but it’s worth repeating.

People have posted potential sign-and-trades where the Knicks give the vericks good players and picks. The likelihood of this happening is low, so I’m confident it won’t happen. A sign-and-trade is unnecessary for the Knicks since they have cleared actual space.

Knicks won’t sign-and-trade with Maverick for real assets for many reasons:

  • It is not necessary for the Mavericks to help them sign Brunson

  • A sign and trade does not benefit Brunson financially.
  • Brunson wants his team to be the best. Neither he nor the Knicks would intentionally overpay the Mavericks. He prefers the Knicks over Mavericks if he signs there.

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