KSI Vs. Swarmz Results: KSI Won Saturday Night


KSI vs. Swarmz Results: KSI Won Saturday Night



(CTN News) – KSI vs. Swarmz: Saturday night, KSI handled business out there. At O2 Arena in London, he won 2-0 with two knockouts against British rapper Swarmz and pro boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

Following an injury that prevented him from meeting with KSI, the YouTuber decided to step up the ante. He defeated rapper Swarmz in the first round of the DAZN X Series 001 PPV.

KSI defeated Pineda in the main event of a card filled with social media influencers and YouTubers. As far as Pineda is concerned, there is only one thing Pineda is good at: winning champion Pineda complained repeatedly as KSI knocked him down seven timeswas The performance by Pineda was embarrassing.

A punch landed on KSI’s face and he complained that each punch was illegal after KSI dropped him three times in the first round. This was not the case. The fight could have ended there, but the referee inexplicably allowed it to continue.

As a result of KSI’s devastating left hook and follow-up punches, Pineda was knocked down twice in the second round. KSI performed push-ups while the referee counted.

KSI finished the job with another pair of knockdowns in the third round for no particular reason.

While these weren’t particularly difficult challThe fans of KSI were delighted with the results despite these not being particularly difficult chThen, KSI arranged for Andrew Tate and Tommy Fury to fight.

If Logan Paul rematches with Logan Ayres, would he be interested?

KSI vs. Swarmz live results, updates

Round No.3: KSI vs. Swarmz :With a right hand, KSI knocks Pineda to the ground again. There is still a fight going on, for some reason. There is something wrong with this referee. Pineis falls after being hit by an uppercut and a left hand from KSI. Again, he complains. I was surprised. Nevertheless, the referee has had enough. That’s all there is to it.

Round No.2:KSI vs. Swarmz:  Pineda strikes with a right hand, and KSI responds with a body shot. KSI is now on a seek and destroy mission. A single pro boxer is the only one on this card, which is almost impossible to believe. In spite of Pineda’s bicycle, he lands a jab.

With another right hand to Pineda’s head and body, KSI drops him again. Despite being up, he is just running away. The left hook hurts Pineda, and the right hand drops him. In the meantime, KSI starts pushing Pineda up while he is down.

The fight can now be ended. Why is this still happening? Does anyone know? Pineda complains about another punch to the head from KSI as the round comes to an end.

Round No.1: KSI vs. Swarmz; KSI, the heat starts at the head and moves to the body. Pineda is dropped within seconds by an overhand right. As Pineda gets to his feet, he complains that he was hit behind the head. As soon as KSI returns to the body, he drops Pineda with hand right.

One-way traffic is in effect here. Pineda complains after being shot in the body. It appears that he has checked out. Pineda continues to complain whenever a punch is landed. Once again, Pineda kneels and laments. I find this absurd.

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