In WWE SummerSlam 2023, Brock Lesnar Is Destroyed By Cody Rhodes
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In WWE SummerSlam 2023, Brock Lesnar Is Destroyed By Cody Rhodes



In WWE SummerSlam 2023, Brock Lesnar Is Destroyed By Cody Rhodes

(CTN News) – WWE SummerSlam saw Cody Rhodes defeat Brock Lesnar after a grueling battle.

This highly anticipated rubber match between the two competitors culminated with Rhodes executing three back-to-back Cross Rhodes manoeuvres to win the match.

The encounter began with Brock Lesnar unleashing a barrage of punishing suplexes upon Rhodes. At the beginning of the match, Rhodes absorbed the ferocity of Lesnar’s attacks, leaving fans wondering whether he would be able to survive the storm.

Rhodes, however, took advantage of an exposed turnbuckle to level the playing field and shift the tide.

The Kimura Lock submission hold was employed by both competitors throughout the contest, adding to its intensity and unpredictable nature.

As the match reached its conclusion, Rhodes’ SummerSlam determination and resilience shone through as he executed the decisive Cross Rhodes maneuvers, leaving Lesnar unable to mount a successful counterattack.

Following the hard-fought battle, Lesnar extended his hand to Rhodes as a display of sportsmanship and mutual respect. Symbolizing the camaraderie that exists among competitors in the world of professional wrestling, the two fighters shared a handshake and a bear hug.

The journey that Cody Rhodes has taken to reach this pivotal match has been marked by a number of challenges, including a one-sided rivalry with Brock Lesnar during recent television broadcasts.

Lesnar’s dominance was demonstrated by his purported breaking of Rhodes’ arm and a memorable altercation in Atlanta, Georgia, in which he left Rhodes incapacitated in front of his own family.

The recent clash between Lesnar and Rhodes on Raw further demonstrated Lesnar’s dominance over Rhodes.

In preparation for the match, Rhodes, who recently premiered a documentary detailing his experiences, was determined to reclaim his momentum with a victory against Lesnar.

Due to the exceptional in-ring skills displayed by Rhodes and Lesnar, discussions have been initiated concerning the possibility of an additional world title, which would further raise the stakes.

In spite of the controversy surrounding Rhodes’ previous setbacks, attention has been focused on another reigning champion within the WWE SummerSlam.

There has been criticism directed at Roman Reigns for not defending his WWE SummerSlam Universal Championship for an extended period of time.

The WWE SummerSlam Universal Championship will be contested against Jey Uso for the title, raising the question of whether the symbolic Tribal Chief beads will overshadow the significance of the championship.

In retrospect, the lack of a stipulation for the rubber match between Lesnar and Rhodes stands out, especially when compared to the high-stakes showdown between Reigns and Uso.

Cody Rhodes remains a top contender for the WWE SummerSlam Universal Championship, potentially setting the stage for a headline-grabbing match-up at WrestleMania 40.


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