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How Do You Clean Your Prescription Sports Glasses?



How Do You Clean Your Prescription Sports Glasses?

There is a technique to clear sports glasses. Here listed step-by-step procedure will assist you in cleaning your prescription sports glasses.

Your prescription sports glasses are an important part of the protection you get from the risks posed by several sports activities that you take part in on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that you are responsible for providing the necessary maintenance for these accessories.

It becomes necessary for you to perform some fundamental maintenance if you want your sports glasses to provide you with a high level of protection for the years to come.

Cleaning the glasses is, without a doubt, the activity that can be completed with the least amount of effort in this context.

Even though the process is straightforward, there is a specific way that it should be carried out in order to achieve the best possible results.

When searching for new sports glasses, it is important to pay attention to any designations that have been bestowed upon the item by the American National Standards Institute.

For instance, a rating of ANSI z87.1 will be awarded to goggles and safety eyewear that performs to a level that is superior to what the organization had anticipated.

If you see this mark on the glasses, it ensures that even if you are in the middle of a game, they will not suddenly shatter on you.

No matter which model you decide to buy, you need to make sure that you are aware of how to properly maintain the equipment by giving it regular cleanings.

Have a look at this procedure that can be used to clean your sports glasses.

You won’t have any trouble giving your glasses the additional shine and enhanced clarity that they require if you just do a little bit of research first.

Procedure To Clean Prescription Sports Glasses

Here is a step-wise guide on how you should be cleaning you prescription sports glasses:

#1 Wash Your Hands Before You Start Cleaning

Please ensure that you have washed your hands before continuing. If you begin cleaning your lenses with dirty fingers, you will end up creating new smudges even as you remove the old grime from the lenses.

You should be able to remove anything that is lingering on your skin with just a quick wash using water and soap. This should be sufficient.

It is also important to ensure that your hands are completely dry, as any moisture increases the risk that the equipment you are holding will slip out of your hands and land on the ground.

#2 Begin With Rinsing Your Glasses With Warm Water

Take your glasses and give them a quick rinse under some warm water to get the cleaning process started.

You should make sure to use warm water because even a little bit of heat will help break down any gunk that has become adhered to the lenses or frames of the glasses.

There is no need to put in an excessive amount of effort at this stage because you will be exerting a greater amount of cleaning effort in the stages that follow.

#3 Use A Good-quality Cleaning Solution

After you have given the lenses a preliminary rinse, you will want to apply a solution that you have selected to them.

Dishwashing liquid is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective and convenient options, and this consensus is shared by the majority of experts.

If the soap contains any added fragrances or lotions, you will need to take extra precautions before using it because otherwise, it will not be an effective tool for the job.

To add a very thin coating of liquid to the glasses, take a small drop of the soap and apply it to both lenses.

Then, gently rub both sides of the glass and the material of the frames together in order to spread the liquid evenly across the lenses.

#4 Scrub It Gentry And Rinse It Off

Next, you want to rinse the glasses once more. Take off your eye protection and run some warm water along the lenses and the frame of your safety glasses.

In this situation, getting rid of the soap without using an excessive amount of force in the process is the goal.

After the liquid soap has been thoroughly removed, give the glasses a light shake to remove the majority of the water droplets that have accumulated while washing them.

This should be done after the liquid soap has been completely removed.

Do not shake the glasses too vigorously or there is a risk that they will break. This warning may seem unnecessary, but it is important to avoid breaking the glasses.

#5 Wipe And Dry The Glasses

In the end, you will need to wipe the glasses down with a dry and clean microfiber cloth in order to remove any excess moisture that may have accumulated.

When choosing a towel, exercise extreme caution because products that are made with the incorrect fibers can leave extremely fine scratches on particular lenses.

The more careful you are in the selection of the fabric, the simpler it will be to ensure that the experience will be flawless

After the glasses have been given enough time to dry, you should examine them to check for any lingering marks and validate that you have successfully finished the process of cleaning your sports glasses.

Wrapping Up

We all love to indulge ourselves into sports, be it casually or professionally.

And as you all know, wearing a good-quality sports glasses is a must while playing! If you clean and store your sports goggles properly after every use then you can ensure that it stays durable for years.

In this blog, we have discussed a detailed guide on how to clean and store your sports goggles.

Now, you can fully focus on your game as you know that your sports goggles won’t get damaged so easily!

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