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Hope Solo Pleaded Guilty To Driving While Intoxicated

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Hope Solo

(CTN News) – Former United States goalkeeper Hope Solo pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and said she was “slowly coming back” after receiving treatment at an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

North Carolina DWI pleader Hope Solo receives discipline:

Hope Solo was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting arrest, and misdemeanor child abuse.

After passing out behind the wheel of her car in North Carolina on 31 March, she was found lying in the middle of the road. She was arrested with her two children in the car when she was pulled over.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Hope Solo attorney informed the newspaper that she pled guilty voluntarily to misdemeanor child abuse and resisting arrest.

Hope Solo was sentenced to 24 months of suspended sentences and 30 days of active sentences by Forsyth District judge Victoria Roemer, according to the paper.

On an other inpatient rehabilitation time was credited with 30 days of habilitation facility Throughout the pandemic with two-year-old twins, my husband and I have kept our heads every single day for over two years,” she wrote on social media.

Even as proud as I am of us, I also have to admit that we made a number of mistakes. It is incredibly difficult. I was proud of us despite the fact that alcohol had become so destructive in my life. The upside of making a mistake this big is that the hard lessons are learned quickly, and at times, very painfully.”

As a result, the 40-year-old singer went on to thank her family, friends, fans, the legal team, and the workers at the rehab facility. “I will continue to learn and grow from these experiences as I continue to study the greatest school called life,” she said.

My goal is to continue learning empathy, knowledge, and stories to share with others. Sharing pain with others is a great way to lessen pain, so I consider it a gift to pass it along to others.”

Aside from helping the US win two Olympic gold medals and a World Cup, she has been widely regarded as one of the most outstanding female goalkeepers to ever play the game.

She was scheduled for induction into the Hall of Fame in late April, but requested a postponement of the ceremony.

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