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Greatest Comebacks In NFL Super Bowl History

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Greatest Comebacks In NFL Super Bowl History

Everyone is in great anticipation of the next NFL season, and no one knows what to expect. We are all eager to get to the bookies and start our NFL betting.

Last year so many of us were in anticipation of the possibility of Brady taking home one final Super Bowl, but he didn’t and the end game shocked us all.

One minute the Rams were slaying it, the next minute it looked like the Bengals were going to take home their first Super Bowl in decades. But, minutes before the end of the game, the Rams ran an incredible play and took home the Super Bowl.

What can we expect this year, after such an incredible game last year? We won’t know until it happens.

In the meantime, let’s reminisce about some of the most amazing comebacks we have seen in previous Super Bowls.

What Makes A Super Bowl Comeback Great?

Generally, the overall idea of what makes a Super Bowl comeback a great one is when there is either a large margin that is suddenly closed and overtaken, or a last minute victory that totally changes everything.

Whatever the case, we have seen plenty of these over the years.

Some Super Bowls can be a bit inactive, with little tension, but some have you gripping the couch with your eyes glued to the screen and no idea who is going to win.

#1. Patriots Vs Falcons: Super Bowl LI

This comeback was the most incredible. The patriots were down 25 points when they faced the falcons, but miraculously came back.

They were at 28-3, less than 9 minutes on the clock in the 3rd quarter.

Brady and company went all in when the score sat so unfavorably before them. They ended up making 5 drives down the field, making two touchdowns and two two-point conversions.

This sent the game into an overtime, then the game was tied. The patriots got the coin toss, then after receiving the ball, White scored a 2-yard touchdown and the patriots took home the game!

#2. Patriots vs Seahawks: Super Bowl XLIX

Okay, we know, yet another Brady game, but he was good at unexpected comebacks. The Patriots were down by 10 points in that game. But Brady was the king of turning things around.

The Pats went on to answer with 2 touchdowns in the 4th.

Remember, Brady and gang were up against the Legion of Boom, and so their comeback was incredible. The Seahawks did actually have a chance to win a touchdown at the 1-yard line, however Wilson threw an interception at Butler.

This is one of the most famous plays in NFL history, and the Patriots one again took the game home.

#3. Saints Vs Colts: Super Bowl XLIV

This isn’t a Brady one. Instead, in this game the Saints managed to come back from being 10 points down against the Colts.

The Colts were going strong, and the Saints had sweet, sweet nothing. However, New Orleans had a great offense who answered the Colts 10 points with 13 consecutive points taking the lead in the 3rd.

They traded pairs of touchdowns and the Colts were then down, and Manning led his team down the field for a drive but instead threw a pick-six and the game ended at 31-17

#4. Washington Vs Broncos: Super Bowl XXII

You don’t hear much about the Broncos anymore, do you? Well in Super Bowl XXII, they were up 10 points over Washington after a single quarter, and everything looked to be sunshine and rainbows for the team.

However, John Elway got in their way and threw two interceptions in the 2nd that started off a series of cataclysmic events for the Broncos, who didn’t score again. Washington ended up taking the game home 42-10.

#5. Giants Vs Bills: Super Bowl XXV

The Giants used to be more featured in Super Bowls than they are now. In Super Bowl XXV, they were down 9 points against the Bills, just before halftime struck.

The Giants forced a 3-and-out to get to the end zone to make it only a 2 point deficit by the time half-time hit.

By the 4th, they had a 1 point lead, but Kelly gave Norwood the opportunity to get a 47-yard shot with only 9 seconds left. Sadly for them, it went wide to the right and the Giants won.

#6. Giants Vs Patriots: Super Bowl XLVI

The Giants do well again. In Super Bowl XLVI they were down 8 points to the Patriots.

They were facing Brady and his crew, and it was all down to the wire. They were down 17-9, and by the 4th they closed the deficit to only 2 points again.

The Giants defense shopped Brady and Manning led a touchdown drive in the final minutes of the game.

There were less than 2 minutes left on the clock, and while Brady was an epic quarterback, he couldn’t work miracles and the Patriots could not answer back.

Eli Manning and the Giants took home the Super Bowl that year 21-17/.

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