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One Great Day Of College Football, 179 Points And 2 Epic Playoff Games



One Great Day Of College Football, 179 Points And 2 Epic Playoff Games

(CTN News) – On the East Coast, midnight approached as Ohio State kicker Noah Ruggles lined up for his College Football game-winning 50-yard field goal. It was a rollicking day of college football as millions waited for the ball to drop and a new year to begin.

Kirby Smart called a timeout to try to ice Ruggles when Georgia led 42-41. Mercedes-Benz Stadium was filled with fear, loathing, and anticipation for a semifinal day nearly a decade in the making.

Executive director of the College Football Playoff Bill Hancock stood unassumingly near the goal line. The winner was not yet determined. College football had a great day, he said.

During the final days of the current system, there were two wire-to-wire thrillers. Due to too many blowouts in the prior eight seasons, the sport is expanding to a 12-team playoff starting in 2024.

Two games surprised, but the four-team system was predictable.

In the New Year, Ruggles missed his field goal. A great day for the sport that took two years to complete with Georgia taking a knee once. Drama couldn’t fit in one.

College football is riveting, excruciating and confounding, as shown by this missed field goal celebration.

Early in the day, TCU College Football unleashed one of the most bedeviling upsets in recent history as a 7.5-point underdog. No. 3 Horned Frogs unfurled 51 points against an average defense that allowed 13.4 points.

A game-changing hit by Georgia’s Javon Bullard prevented Ohio State from clinching the game in the final minute of the third quarter, knocking star wideout Marvin Harrison Jr. out of the game. In clinching back-to-back titles, that hit could turn the tide for Georgia.

In a decade since Alabama last achieved the double, the No. 1 Bulldogs will face No. 3 TCU for the national title.

It will be TCU’s College Football first national title since 1938, and they’ll invite anyone to think they’re just SEC fodder. Ask Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy how they’re Big Ten buddies.

Despite his pregame prediction that Michigan would beat TCU, he walked away after one question at the end of his press conference.

Despite dreaming of a Big Ten team in the national title game, the league came home empty handed. With Commissioner Kevin Warren interviewing for the Chicago Bears’ presidency, the league’s focus shifted from euphoria to leadership questions. One minute into 2023, Big Ten issues were brought to light.

The Ohio State locker room was heavy with missed opportunities. He hugged Nina Day’s wife and walked off into the night shaking his head in disbelief. In 2019, Ohio State squandered multiple chances to beat a Trevor Lawrence-led Clemson team, leaving a hollow feeling.

It was all about the small things. QB C.J. Stroud threw for 348 yards and four touchdowns, channeling his inner Braxton Miller. Ohio State’s offensive line squandered its effort, neutralizing Jalen Carter.

During the fourth quarter, the offense stagnated without Harrison. The game could have been won with a field goal. Ohio State would have had a first-and-goal on the Harrison hit if targeting had been called. After battering Georgia’s offensive line in the third quarter, the defense collapsed.

Several plays were made that OSU coach Ryan Day wishes he had back. This is how games work.”

In the fourth quarter, Ohio State appeared to have executed a fake punt, probably the most effective coaching counter of the night.

In its first fourth-and-1 of the season, Ohio State sneaked offensive linemen Donovan Jackson and Josh Fryar onto its punt team.

Despite being up 11 points, tight end Mitch Rossi seemed to sprint for a first down near midfield. Kirby Smart called a timeout seconds before the snap. It appeared as if Ohio State would get a first down. They called a great time out.”


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