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Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios Results, Highlights



Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios Results, Highlights

Gervonta Davis “Tank” against Mario Barrios, Davis hit his move up two weight classes to 140 pounds for Saturday’s compensation per-see in Atlanta a move that demonstrated he was “setting out to be extraordinary.” Those who watched his presentation would be unable to clash.

Gervonta Davis (25-0, 24 KOs), a 26-year-old rising star, featured his second sequential PPV card and added a world title in a third weight class by halting Mario Barrios (26-1, 17 KOs), the WBA standard hero at 140 pounds, in Round 11 of an exciting and sensational slugfest inside State Farm Arena.

In spite of the fact that Gervonta Davis was driving on every one of the three scorecards at the hour of the stoppage, Mario Barrios was more occupied and generally battling him on what seemed, by all accounts, to be even terms all through a progression of serious and energizing rounds to close the battle.

Gervonta Davis, a local of Baltimore, revitalized in Round 11 after a hot beginning from Mario Barrios to floor him for the third time in the battle with a left uppercut to the body. After Barrios made it back to his feet, a whirlwind from Gervonta Davis along the ropes constrained official Thomas Taylor to hop in at 2:13 of the round.

“I made it intense, I made it extreme. I unquestionably might have made it simpler however what will be will be,” Gervonta Davis said. “I went up two weight classes and I took care of business.”

The ruling 130-pound WBA champion and auxiliary WBA champion at 135 pounds, Gervonta Davis end up being the greater puncher regardless of surrendering almost six crawls in stature in his lesser welterweight debut, only nine months subsequent to recording the knockout of the year in 2020 by completing Leo Santa Cruz with an uppercut in Round 6 of their lesser lightweight session.

“It was simply changes. He is 140 [pounds] and I needed to get him with clean shots,” Gervonta Davis said. “I would simply prefer not to toss any kind of shot. From the outset I was missing them yet in the long run I got up to speed to him.

“I was coming up two weight classes however I realized that on the off chance that I got him, I could get him out of there.”

After a solid beginning from Mario Barrios by utilizing his hit to control distance without over stretching out himself to be countered, the small Gervonta Davis made the main change of the battle in Round 5 when he started to repel at Barrios’ punch with his right glove. The change incapacitated Mario Barrios of the shot as he became stressed that the faster Davis would counter him right up front.

“I have never been a hater, congratulations to Tank. He came in here and did his thing,” Mario Barrios said. “This was downright an energizing battle and that is the thing that we came here to do. I’ll be back.”

Gervonta Davis showed up as though he held onto energy for great in Round 8 when a lead right snare shocked Barrios and dropped him hard. Davis followed up to compel a second knockdown with the left hand however went through the last two minutes of the round ineffectively attempting to complete the intense Barrios, which left his fuel tank low.

Barrios seemed to hurt Gervonta Davis with a left hand in Round 9. By the accompanying round, the two warriors regularly exchanged big cheeses the focal point of the ring as the activity just expanded.

What made the auditorium of watching the battle more intriguing was that Floyd Mayweather, the advertiser and coach of Gervonta Davis, twice moved toward him in the corner between adjusts late in the battle to reveal to Gervonta Davis he was possibly down on the scorecards in a nearby battle.

“I realized [Barrios] was harmed. I just needed to get him at the ideal opportunity,” Davis said. “Floyd came to me and was straightforward, he disclosed to me I was down. He said, ‘Show me that you are incredible.’ This man set the vibe, I’m simply emulating his example. Floyd, I like you. I’m appreciative to be in this position.”

Each time Barrios had defining moments as the battle moved into the title adjusts, Davis had the option to revitalize significantly greater down the stretch to stagger him with a top dog paving the way to the stoppage.

“My mentor was advising me to go to a poke side however me, I’m southpaw, so I faked like I was going left and tossed my snare over the top, that is the means by which I got him,” Davis said.

Davis outlanded Barrios by an edge of 96-93, as indicated by CompuBox. The two contenders landed 17 body shots altogether, yet it was Barrios who utilized a consistent assault of them late to help moderate Davis down.

CBS Sports was with you all through the whole path on Saturday, so make certain to track with the live outcomes and features beneath.

Battle card, results

Gervonta Davis (c) def. Mario Barrios by means of eleventh round TKO

Erickson Lubin def. Jeison Rosario by means of 6th round TKO

Carlos Adames def. Alexis Salazar by means of third-round knockout

Batyr Akhmedov def. Argenis Mendez by means of eighth-round TKO (injury)


Davis vs. Barrios scorecard, live coverage

Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios Results, Highlights

Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios Results, Highlights



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