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Argentina is the Favorite to Win this Year’s FIFA World Cup 2022: Economists Predict



(CTN News) – According to forecasts made by an economist who successfully predicted the tournament winners in 2014 and 2018, Argentina is the favourite to win the FIFA World Cup 2022 finals, while England has been projected to lose the match against them, according to Bloomberg.

Investment analyst Joachim Klement, who works for an investment banking business, sticks by his prediction about the FIFA World Cup’s outcome in September—even before the mega sporting event got underway in Qatar.

However, he admitted to “sweating a lot” while watching the tense FIFA World Cup group stage match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina, in which the former defeated the latter and surprised astonished football fans worldwide.


To produce these forecasts, the economist employs a four-factor model that considers GDP per capita, population size, culture, and climate.

According to this model, the greatest performance is those warm enough to play football all year round, have a sizable population that enjoys the sport, and have a high GDP per capita.

In the economist’s model, China, India, and the Netherlands are the three main outliers.

According to Klement, who spoke to Bloomberg, “God knows why, but the Indians have started to play cricket, and the Chinese, for some unknown reason, have picked up on it.”

He said that despite having a tiny population, the Netherlands has been “extremely successful at football.”

The financial analyst said that creating this useful prediction model was not his purpose. He wanted to mock economists who claim that they can “predict absolutely everything” by doing this.

In a September memo, Klement made the initial prediction that England would lose to Argentina, saying that the latter’s road to capturing the coveted FIFA trophy for the first time in 36 years would include Spain’s humiliation at the hands of that nation in the semifinal encounter.

However, the economist also noted that since the current FIFA World Cup is in the winter, it has been harder to anticipate than in previous tournaments.

He said that looking at the fundamental causes of a team’s performance has been more accurate at predicting winners than relying on the aggregate worth of its members.

The Premier League has so much more money at its disposal and can spend so much more for players, so I’m a little hesitant to utilize the aggregate worth of the players, Klement remarked.

“The good news for England supporters is that their team will advance to the championship game. They will lose this one, which is terrible news.

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