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FA Cup – What Will be the Prize Money For the FA Cup Winners in 2022?



FA Cup

The FA Cup is one of the biggest events on the English football calendar and the oldest domestic knockout competition in the world, in its 141st edition since its inception in 1871.

In the first round, 124 teams will be participating, including all 92 teams from the top four tiers of the professional game in England. The third round of the 2021-22 FA Cup will take place on Friday, Jan. 7 with Premier League and Championship teams participating.

For most players, hoisting the FA Cup trophy is considered a career highlight because of the long tradition of the competition. An added bonus is the automatic qualification for the Europa League group stage the following season.

The winner of the tournament will also be able to earn significant prize money. Here is a breakdown of how much cash each club in the competition stands to win.

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FA Cup prize money in 2022

It would cost a Premier League club $4,625,000 to win the FA Cup after reaching the third round. Not bad!

Teams are paid out first for winning their semifinal, then again for either winning or losing the final. In other words, a semifinal victory guarantees double pay no matter what the result of the title match is.

Compared to the tournament’s 2019-20 edition, which saw the winners of the final earn $4,800,000 just for winning at Wembley, these payments are on par with last season’s. Due to COVID-19’s financial impact, prize values decreased in 2020, according to the FA.

Breakdown of FA Cup win bonuses in 2022

Round Receiving Clubs Payout per club
1st Round winners 40 $30,000
2nd Round winners 20 $46,000
3rd Round winners 32 $111,000
4th Round winners 16 $122,000
5th Round winners 8 $244,000
Quarterfinal winners 4 $488,000
Semifinal losers 2 $610,000
Semifinal winners 2 $1,220,000
Runner-up 1 $1,220,000
Champion 1 $2,440,000

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