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F1 Racing Sees Stiff Competition Headed into the Summer Break



If F1 race fans thought that the season couldn’t get any more dramatic after the huge crash for Verstappen at Silverstone, then the following race this past weekend at the Hungaroring had shown just how wrong they were as first lap dramatics led to six cars being out of the race before the first lap had even finished – fans from all around the world continue to tune in with growing numbers to see how the season end could shape up, and if you want to know how to open an account with bet365 in Australia or elsewhere to wager on the championship there are plenty of options.

Whilst the two Mercedes certainly looked to be regaining some of their pace with another one-two lockout for what feels the first time in a while, it was certainly looking like an opportunity for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton to pull ahead in both the drivers and constructors championships at a track that is well known for being difficult to pass other drivers on, but with a bit of wet weather and an interesting start, Bottas started a chain of crashes which saw Norris, Perez, LeClerc, Bottas, Stroll and Mazepin all have to retire early and causing big damage to both Verstappen and Ricciardo who would struggle throughout the race.

A poor judgement call from the then race leader Hamilton after the end of the red flag put him behind too as every other car would pit for slick tyres, Hamilton stayed out on the wet and would fall right back to 14th before a charge through the grid, with Alpines Esteban Ocon leading the race, Fernando Alonso had shown his defensive prowess by holding up Hamilton for a number of laps which almost certainly prevented Hamilton from finishing first as he was on pace to take the lead prior – the third place finish was enough to edge Hamilton ahead in the drivers championship and to put Mercedes in front too, and with a post-race disqualification for Sebastian Vettel in second due to low fuel, a few extra points were scored too – and good news for others too as both George Russell and Nicholas Latifi were able to score the first points the Williams team has seen since 2019.

That means heading into the mid-season break with eleven races remaining, Mercedes have managed to pull just ahead of Red Bull and the title battle very much remains in contention, with the Red Bull cars having looked so fast all season long there is still plenty of time for Max to put in some incredible drives to secure the win, and with the title race being closer than it has been in years, the drivers will certainly be pulling out all the stops to put themselves ahead, and to put their teams ahead.


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