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Expreso Recovers Quickly, Ties Sarmiento, And Goes For More In Junin

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Expreso Recovers Quickly, Ties Sarmiento, And Goes For More In Junin

CTN NEWS –    Godoy Cruz visits the “kiwi” at the “Eva Perón” in Junín. Both are only 4 thousandths apart, but they divide differently. If he wins, Tomba will take a big step to avoid relegation and will also get closer to the South American.

They continue 1-1. Godoy Cruz visits Sarmiento in a very important duel with a view to the double objective of avoiding relegation and, at the same time, getting closer to the Cup zone.

The match played against Expreso

The match – to be played at the “Eva Perón” stadium in Junín (PBA) – will open today the 14th date of the Professional Soccer League, will begin at 4:30 p.m. (TNT Sports), and will be refereed by Patricio Loustau.

Follow him on Radio Jornada (91.9).In the table of averages, the “kiwi”  ranks 24th (1,138) and the Tomba is just below (1,134) although they divide differently.

In the current championship, they are also equal since “Expreso” is eighth with 21 points, while “Green” is 16th with 17 units.

So both have chances to get into the fight to reach the Copa Sudamericana 2023 Sarmiento and Godoy Cruz will meet again in the Buenos Aires city of Junín after almost six years the last time was in November 2016 2-2 draw.

The last precedent was in September of last year at the Malvinas Argentinas with a 1-1 draw for the Professional League.

They were 18′, brake and center that Gondou headed, changing the stick to Ruso Rodríguez: 1-0. At 22 ‘Ojeda’s center that Burgoa fails to connect.

They were 24’ past the center, Bullaude lowered it and Salomón Rodríguez diverted the trajectory with a header: 1-1.

Sarmiento: Sebastian Meza; Gonzalo Bettini, Gastón Sauro, Federico Andueza and Franco Quinteros; Yair Arismendi, Emiliano Méndez, Sergio Quiroga and Julián Brea; Javier Toledo and Luciano Gondou. DT: Israel Damonte.

Godoy Cruz: Diego Rodriguez; Pier Barrios, Gianluca Ferrari, José Canale and Franco Negri; Juan Andrada and Gonzalo Abrego; Martín Ojeda, Ezequiel Bullaude and Valentín Burgoa; Solomon Rodriguez. DT: Favio Orsi and Sergio Gómez.


Published on CTN on August 17, 2022

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