Braves Broadcasters Ripped Bryce Harper In Game 3. Here's What They Said About Him
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Braves Broadcasters Ripped Bryce Harper In Game 3. Here’s What They Said About Him



Braves Broadcasters Ripped Bryce Harper In Game 3. Here's What They Said About Him

(CTN News) – As Philadelphia defeated the Atlanta Braves 10-2 on Wednesday, Bryce Harper hit two home runs.

In an epic performance, he helped the Phillies take a 2-1 lead in the National League Division Series. Despite Bryce Harper big game, not everyone was happy with the way it went.

As soon as Bryce Harper heard that Atlanta’s Orlando Arcia mocked him for his base running error that led to the Phillies losing Game 2 to the Atlanta Braves, he got quite angry.

When Harper went deep against Atlanta Wednesday, he made it a point to stare down Arcia each time he hit a deep ball.

Every time when he crossed home plate, he let it out as he made a throat-slashing gesture, like he was about to rip off his throat. Well, Joe Simpson, the announcer for the Atlanta Braves, did not take well to that.

“Simpson is unsure whether the throat-slashing gesture was appropriate, especially given the current political climate,” Harper repeated, again displaying the throat-slashing gesture.

In his response, he cited the report that Arcia mocked him – a report that Arcia has reportedly confirmed has been accurate since then – and continued on to make his point.

According to Simpson, there is no proof that it was even said in the first place. There was even a writer who said that he was not sure if that was what he was saying.

In spite of this, Bryce Harper seems to have taken it to heart and has been glaring at Arcia as he rounds second on both of his home runs.

It was something that turned into something that it was not meant to be,” Jim Powell, who was sitting in the booth with Simpson during the interview, said of the event.

If that were the case, then that’s okay, so they enjoyed the fact that they were able to double-up Harper in the ballgame even if it was the case. It is to be feared that they may even show joy in doing so.

When you’re a competitor, you’re looking for anything you can find to drive you, and Harper has done that quite well.”

This is a complex topic that needs to be unpacked in depth.

The first thing that I want to point out about Simpson’s comment is that I don’t think anyone could possibly condense an athlete making a gesture that has been used countless times by athletes in sports with any of the tragic events that are going on in the world today. It seems like getting to that point would require a lot of mental gymnastics on your part.

As for Powell’s take, if the Braves can get a little fired up about doubling Bryce Harper up and they can mock him as a result, then he will be able to give a little back, as well. Ultimately, Powell got it right, he was being a competitor and that is what made him successful.

In spite of the fact that Bryce Harper was fired up, there is no doubt that he made Atlanta pay for it. It is only a matter of time before the Braves hope that the flames have finally died down before Game 4 of the series begins at 8 p.m. on Thursday.


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