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Bobby Bonilla Day Explained: Why The Mets Still Pay Him $1.19M Today And Every July 1



Bobby Bonilla Day Explained: Why The Mets Still Pay Him $1.19M Today And Every July 1

The calendar has gone to July 1, and that implies a certain something: It’s the ideal opportunity for Mets fans wherever to wish each other a Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! Why? On Thursday, 58-year-old Bobby Bonilla will gather a check for $1,193,248.20 from the New York Mets, as he has and will each July 1 from 2011 through 2035.

Due to baseball’s compensation structure, Bonilla’s yearly payday is frequently more than a portion of the game’s momentum youthful stars will make in a given year – and this season that even incorporates the compensation of a main American League MVP up-and-comer and some likely 2021 All-Stars.

Yet, the Mets are in good company in the act of giving out conceded installments to headliners long after they last prepared for the group, with previous MVPs and Cy Young victors among the striking names actually gathering yearly checks from their past managers.

Here is all you require to think about Bonilla’s payday, conceded cash in MLB and the ebb and flow players making less for the 2021 season than Bobby Bonilla will get from the Mets on Thursday.

So for what reason does Bonilla get this payday?

In 2000, the Mets consented to purchase out the excess $5.9 million on Bonilla’s agreement.

In any case, rather than paying Bonilla the $5.9 million at that point, the Mets consented to make yearly installments of almost $1.2 million for a very long time beginning July 1, 2011, including an arranged 8% premium.

At that point, Mets possession was put resources into a Bernie Madoff account that guaranteed twofold digit returns, and the Mets were ready to make a huge benefit if the Madoff account conveyed – yet that didn’t work out.

This year, under new proprietor Steve Cohen, who referenced the chance of observing Bobby Bonilla at Citi Field yearly before long assuming control over the group in November, the Mets are accepting Bonilla’s day.

How uncommon is this game plan?

Bobby Bonilla last played for the Mets in 1999 and last played in the majors for the Cardinals in 2001, yet he will be paid through 2035 (when he’ll be 72).

Here are some other eminent conceded cash contracts, civility of ESPN Stats and Information’s Ryan Milowicki:

• Bobby Bonilla (once more): A second conceded contract plan with the Mets and Orioles pays him $500,000 per year for a very long time. Those installments started in 2004.

Bret Saberhagen: Will get $250,000 every year from the Mets for a very long time (installments additionally started in 2004; this was the motivation for Bonilla’s arrangement).

• Max Scherzer: Will get $105 million absolute from the Nationals that will be paid out through 2028.

• Manny Ramírez: Will gather $24.2 million absolute from the Red Sox through 2026.

• Ken Griffey Jr.: Will get $3.59 million from the Reds consistently through 2024 as the deferral from his nine-year, $116 million arrangement endorsed in 2000.

• Todd Helton: Will get $1.3 million from the Rockies consistently through 2023 as the consequence of $13 million conceded when he marked a two-year expansion in 2010.

How this compares to 2021 salaries

Since baseball’s compensation structure has youthful players start their professions by acquiring about portion of Bonilla’s yearly $1.19 million, here are some eminent players who will make not exactly Bobby Bonilla this season, recorded by their 2021 WAR absolute (through Monday), civility of ESPN Stats and Information.

• Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (4.2 WAR): $605K

• Bryan Reynolds (3.5 WAR): $601K

• Jake Cronenworth (3.4 WAR): $585K

• Cedric Mullins (3.3 WAR): $577K

• John Means (3.2 WAR): $593K

• Bo Bichette (2.8 WAR): $588K

• Trevor Rogers (2.8 WAR): $575K

• Adolis Garcia (2.7 WAR): $575K

• Ian Anderson (2.6 WAR): $575K

• Pablo Lopez (2.6 WAR): $595K

• Casey Mize (2.6 WAR): $574K

Figures from ESPN Stats and Information were utilized all through this story.


SOURCE : espn

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