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Blackhawks: The Stanley Cup Final Could End Tonight



Blackhawks: The Stanley Cup Final Could End Tonight

In the event that the Tampa Bay Lightning complete the scope around evening time in Montreal and win consecutive titles, it will be the 6th time some other group, not the Blackhawks, will skate around on the ice with the Stanley Cup.

The Blackhawks have been in the end of the season games multiple times since winning everything in 2015. They have not won a season finisher series and have just dominated four matches through three excursions to the postseason. Chicago must strive to refocus. We should investigate a portion of the past Stanley Cup Winners.

Stanley Cup Winners since the Chicago Blackhawks won in 2015:

  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 2016
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 2017
  • Washington Capitals – 2018
  • St. Louis Blues – 2019
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 2020
  • ??????? – 2021

The Tampa Bay Lightning have a chance to win consecutive titles this evening. While I know no group at any point intentionally attempts to lose a game, for the Lightning one may think the chance to win it at home before their own fans in a game five would be somewhat decent.

Tampa Bay won’t toss a game in the Stanley Cup Final, they just will not do that. Despite the fact that they won last season’s title in an air pocket without any fans in the stands a chance to take the Stanley Cup back to Tampa is something they will not pass on regardless. Notwithstanding, they unquestionably are adequate to lose a game and afterward return home to complete the series.

The Lightning have bulldozed their far beyond Montreal. They have controlled play through the initial three games and they are headed to winning it all once more. This may be one of the least demanding thinking consecutive titles we will at any point see. Not ruining the Lightning, they are simply such a great deal better compared to every other person in the association at this moment.

Tampa played the whole season on autopilot and since they are back in the postseason they turned it on and went for it. A group that great will have some cap issues this late spring, however there is no uncertainty that they will be back next season too.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have unquestionably made some amazing progress since losing to the Chicago Blackhawks in six games back in 2015. That group was youthful and seemed as though they were ready to get perhaps the best group in the alliance. Presently about six seasons later they are at the highest point of their game.

What does everybody think, do the Lightning win consecutive titles this evening in Montreal? Or on the other hand will we see another push from the Canadiens to evade end as they did in the wake of going down 3-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs?


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