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Bidding on Sports Cards? 7 Things You Must Know Before Investing



Bidding on Sports Cards? 7 Things You Must Know Before Investing

Sports cards are valuable assets, and many seek them for their prestige and rarity. A popular way for buyers to seek these cards can be through auctions from the brands that offer them.

However, there are a few factors that people need to know before bidding on them, as it will help avoid any investing errors or unauthenticated products. Hence, here’s a look at some fundamental things you should be aware of before bidding on sports cards.

7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Sports Cards

1. Raw and Graded Cards

When bidding on sports cards in auctions, you may come across two specific categories – Raw and Graded. Raw sports cards refer to those that haven’t been graded with any marks, labels, or identification measures.

These may be of a lower value compared to graded sports cards. Graded sports cards carry a mark or label to showcase their quality, signed autographs of well-known athletes, their ranks, etc.

These may be of a higher value in a sports auction compared to raw sports cards.

2. The Grading Company

If you come across Graded sports cards, you must check out the authenticity of any labels given to them.

Whether it’s for sports such as basketball cards, or game cards like the Pokemon 1st edition base set Charizard card collection, research the grading company for these cards, their process, their categories, limitations, and other relevant information.

It will help you avoid fake labels or marks and give you a better opportunity to bid on high-quality and trustworthy graded sports cards.

Since these often sell at a high value, it is necessary to ensure their authenticity before you place your final bid and buy them.

3. The Brands Offering Sports Cards

Check out brands that are known for auctioning sports cards in the market. For example, Panini and Topps are well-known and reliable brands for this purpose. But other competing brands in the market may also offer similar cards.

Before auctioning on the first ones you come across, make sure that the brands are reliable and provide genuine products. After all, sports cards, primarily if they are graded, are a significant investment. Hence, you have to watch out for a brand’s sports cards’ authenticity before making any bid or purchase from them.


4. The Team of a Particular Player

Depending on the category of sports cards you are looking for at auctions, such as basketball cards, you should also note the athlete teams. Sports teams play a significant role in determining the value of a sports card.

For example, suppose it’s a well-known athlete from a reputable team that has been around for decades, participated in high-value competitions, etc. In that case, those sports cards are likely to be of a higher value compared to others.

5. The Player’s Ranks

When investing in sports cards, check out the athlete ranks based on the different sports categories.

Athletes get ranked for each sports category, such as basketball, baseball, etc.

This player ranking showcases the best players in each category in the past decade or in the lifetime of the sport.

The higher the athlete rank of a player on the sports card, the higher its value will be. It will allow you to get a hand on high-value cards in an auction, making them a worthy investment.

6. Player’s Talents

There are a few athletes who stand out from the rest. They have a skill level that cannot be compared to past players or other players within the same sport.

Sports cards of such athletes will carry a high value, making them a high-quality investment.

7. Rookie Cards

Rookie cards refer to sports cards that feature an athlete for the first time since they have competed with the highest level competitions of their sport.

These are often high-value cards based on the sport and the athlete’s popularity.


Due to their prestige, sports cards make for a significant investment. If you’re looking to bid on one or a few, you must know the types, grades, brands, and categories available.

Keeping yourself updated with as much information as possible will be convenient for choosing high-quality, authenticated, and even rare sports cards from prized collections.

It will help enhance your bidding experience and allow you to make worthy investments.

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