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Aston Villa vs Everton – Ups And Down Of The Match And The Results

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Aston Villa vs Everton - Ups And Down Of The Match And The Results

CTN News –  Aston Villa defeated Everton by 2 x 1 at home. Specifically, the duel was valid for the second round of the 2022/23 Premier League this past Saturday (13). The visitors’ goal was scored by Lucas Digne (against).

1st Half: Danny Ings takes zero off the scoreboard

In fact, both teams were cautious in the initial stage. Thus, the game was fought and without many chances to score. In the first minute, Diego Carlos headed wide after a corner kick.

At 23′, Tarkowski scored for Gordon to open the scoring. However, shirt 10 was offside.

At 30′, Aston Villa took advantage of one of Everton’s few rises to attack and took the lead. Firstly, McGinn hit a beautiful pitch for Watkins.

The striker dominated well invaded the area and played for Ings, who cleared Doucouré and finished with his left foot, in the corner, with no chance for Pickford.

Subsequently, Doucouré suffered an injury on his own and was replaced by Tom Davies. Another headache for coach Frank Lampard at the start of the season.

2nd Half: Argentinos Buendía and Martínez guarantee 

At a disadvantage on the scoreboard, Everton adopted a more offensive stance in relation to the initial stage. At 8′, Gray started from the left wing to the inside and risked a good kick, but Martínez saved it.

Then Coutinho left injured, giving way to Buendía. The match continued to be very disputed, but from the 30th minute, the Toffees launched themselves once and for all, leaving space in the rear.

So, Digne tabled with Ings, hit cross, and Pickford flat. Buendía took advantage of the rebound and submitted it, but Mykolenko saved it over the line.

At 40′, the Argentinian midfielder scored with Watkins and only had the job of pushing it to the empty goal. When everything seemed resolved, the visitors diminished, setting the game on fire.

Debutant Onana made a great move: 

On the way out, debutant Onana made a great move down the left and crossed. The ball crossed the area, and Digne tried to cut but ended up scoring.

Then Bailey rolled over to Watkins, who came up on good terms but was muffled by Pickford.

In stoppage time, Mykolenko launched Gordon into the back of the defense. The Englishman stepped forward and kicked. However, Martínez made another good intervention. 

Finally, Onana took advantage of a spare in the area but was stopped by Chambers at the time of the shooting. There was still time for Gordon to finish for the last time, forcing the Argentine goalkeeper to work again. End of story in Birmingham.


Published in CTN, August 13th, 2022

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