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An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

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An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

Dear NBA Draft Lottery Gods,Do you recall us?We are aficionados of the Orlando Magic. Previously, you treated us well indeed, especially in the mid 1990s when you so liberally granted us the principal generally speaking pick in consecutive years. In 1993, the Magic had quite recently a 1-in-66 shot at winning the top pick. A 1.53 percent shot at winning. Furthermore, still, you picked us.


An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

We last kept in touch with you in 2018, requesting your assistance when we were so frantic for a main three pick with Luka Doncic and Trae Young in the draft class. Our petitions went unanswered as the Magic got the fifth pick and wound up with Mo Bamba.

Bamba is yet to demonstrate his value as the No. 6 by and large pick, yet the Magic proceeded to end their seven-year postseason dry spell the accompanying season, showing up in the first round for two straight seasons.

In any case, presently we’re back, and we need you like never before. Since we went through some serious hardship to get back to the NBA Draft Lottery.

We watched the two most encouraging players in our group – Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz – endure torn ACLs.

We saw the Magic lose a larger number of players to injury last season than any group in the alliance, leaving us with beginning arrangements that resembled this…



We went through an exchange cutoff time firesale that sent Nikola Vucevic, Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier pressing and made the goal exceptionally understood: we need some karma in the draft lottery.

We pull for misfortunes and got a lot of them, completing 21-51, just to hit you up with the most obvious opportunity with regards to you helping us out.

Be that as it may, throughout the last decade or thereabouts, you appeared to have disregarded the Magic and their unwavering, tormented supporters. Furthermore, hence, we currently need you like never before.

The Magic need something beyond one fortunate skip on Tuesday night, with the possibility to possess two top-ten picks if the Chicago Bulls’ pick obtained in the Vooch exchange falls outside of the best four.

The chances say that it ought to, and we need to ensure it occurs, ideally at No. 8…


The Magic have won in excess of 40 games in a season only once somewhat recently, burnning through four mentors all the while. What’s more, regardless of being one of the alliance’s bottom dwellers for a large part of the decade, with a short appearance in average quality (a.k.a. Limbo), the Magic have handled a best three pick only once in that range. That came in 2013 when there were no slam dunks and the Magic chose Victor Oladipo with the subsequent pick. Oladipo didn’t demonstrate that the Magic made the right pick until he turned into an All-Star this season… .in Indiana.


An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

In 2014, the Magic chose Aaron Gordon with the fourth pick. He incidentally showed blazes of a breakout that never came and is presently placing his irregularity on full showcase in Denver.

In 2015, the Magic chose Mario Hezonja with the fifth pick. End of conversation.

In 2016, the Magic chose Domantas Sabonis with the eleventh pick. He was basically a toss in on what end up being an unfortunate draft night exchange and is presently an All-Star in Indiana.

In 2017, the Magic chose Jonathan Isaac with the 6th pick. Isaac was having a breakout season until he endured his first knee injury on January 1, 2020. He has since played a terrific all out of 31 minutes.

What’s more, more agonizing than the insignificant profit from venture the Magic have gotten on the players they drafted in the lottery are the close misses, having passed up a great opportunity by one single out Joel Embiid in 2014 and Kristaps Porzingis in 2015 and Trae Young in 2018.


An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

An open letter from Orlando Magic fans to the NBA Draft Lottery Gods: 2021 release

The Magic can’t bear to be one pick away any more, not with the group sharing the best chances to get the primary generally pick and the option to draft Cade Cunningham…

Orlando Magic 2021 Lottery Odds:

first: 14.0%

second: 13.4%

third: 12.7%

fourth: 11.9%

fifth: 14.8%

sixth: 26.0%

seventh: 7.1%

Wizardry fans aren’t voracious. However much we’d love to have the top pick, we’d be glad to fall inside the main three. This would permit the Magic to have better control of their own fate, permitting them to choose the player they need instead of making due with the player that tumbles to them, as they’ve been compelled to do lately. Set us in place to draft Jalen Green and give us the Bulls’ pick and we will be fulfilled.

Nobody genuinely knows whether Cunningham will turn into a more significant master than Green or Evan Mobley or Jalen Suggs, however better to be in position where all or most are as yet on the board so the decision has a place with Jeff Weltman and John Hammond. And afterward we’ll appeal to another arrangement of Gods that the right decision was made.

No group in the class needs a lottery triumph (or a character… or a justification trust… or a wonder) as severely as the Magic.

No group has been jumped more in the revamping interaction than the Orlando Magic, but then we by one way or another are directly once again at Day 1 while Trae Young (once more, one pick away) has directed the Atlanta Hawks toward the Eastern Conference Finals. We’ve stood by persistently and have the right to have that tolerance compensated in light of the fact that, the present moment, there is as of now no end. Our expectation is nailed to rehabbed ACLs and lottery balls.

The most ideal path for a group like the Magic to uncover themselves from underneath the profound opening they’ve gone through years delving themselves into through helpless exchanges, draft day setback/fizzles and by and large helpless choices, is to get a little assistance from the lottery divine beings that control the bob of those valuable ping pong balls.

In this way, kindly, remember about the Orlando Magic around evening time.

Help us out. You’ve done it previously.

As then Magic-GM Pat Williams told the Orlando Sentinel in the wake of winning that 1993 draft lottery….

“Peter Ping Pong Ball, he’ll be the following city hall leader of Orlando. We’ll in any event give him the way in to the city.” Williams said. “I instructed him well, isn’t that right? Possibly we could hang him and last year’s ball from the rafters of the Arena. This simply shows how delicate winning is in this class. You need to luck out once in a while.”


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