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A Rugby Team in Chiang Rai-Who Would Have Guessed, Meet Chiang Rai Northern Bears



Chiang Rai Northern Bears Winning Team for 2017


CHIANG RAI – A Rugby team in Chiang Rai-who would have guessed? Lonny Levi took up the challenge-and had 11 months to do it in!

To give you an idea of his challenges,  Lonny had bout 90% of the team who had never played rugby before and most were students from a local university.

Fast-forward and they make history by causing an upset against a strong Chiang Mai team.

For Rugby fans in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the Rugby capital of the north, rivals and rugby enthusiasts said that the Chiang Rai Northern Bears would lose by 50 points however they dug in and beat Chiang Mai by 2 on their home soil.

Chiang Rai Northern Bears is their name and Rugby is there game.

Lonny says the teams main goal is to be a community reality and of course to get the number needed to play the game that they love.

He said the team is a mix of expats and Thai’s so a great opportunity for our Thai sporting community to practice English talking to team mates.

In February 2018 the Chiang Rai Northern Bears will hosting their first Chiang Rai Rugby tournament.

If you would like to be part of this historic event, give Lonny a call at 0800 741584 or email him at [email protected]

Chiang Rai Northern Bears would like to thank there sponsors: Chiang Rai City Life and Impact Gym Chiang Rai and the local Rajabaht University.


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