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5 Most Common Tactics for Betting Scams to Watch Out for, Plus Advice on How to Avert Them



5 Most Common Tactics for Betting Scams to Watch Out for, Plus Advice on How to Avert Them

With the recent surge of permitted online betting in the USA and the latest new bookmakers, one enormously big market became open (not completely though as some states still haven’t legalized gambling), and the question of the legality of online betting sites is asked less and less frequently.

The majority of online gaming operators are trustworthy, experienced companies that can be relied upon to safeguard consumers’ bankrolls.

However, gamers should be mindful that many online betting scams are attempting to take abuse anybody looking to put a bet, regardless of whether they are betting to amuse themselves or to earn a lot of money.

Online casinos and sportsbooks can now employ tools to quickly and effectively attract potential clients through channels like social media in the modern era of Internet gambling.

Which Providers Are Legal and Which Ones Aren’t

It’s a well-liked strategy for showcasing the company and the services they have to supply.

To expand their bankroll, those searching for an online casino or bookmaker must decide which providers are reliable and which ones would try to defraud them of their money.

Hackers and online con artists frequently target the online betting sector. This is due to the fact that gambling-related websites and applications serve as entry points for sensitive and priceless client financial data including credit or debit card and banking information details.

In the past several years, there have been repeated attacks on the sector of online gambling, pushing providers to offer the greatest level of security to protect user data.

In order to prevent betting frauds, many providers have increased their security measures even if they were exposed to these attacks.

To stop hackers from obtaining their private data, many companies employ cutting-edge security measures.

5 Regular Scam Techniques

The web is overrun with sports betting websites now that the season in all major sports leagues has started (in some it’s gone halfway).

Sadly, there are many scammers out there that use websites or apps that appear authentic and give a welcome bonus to entice players to their phony platform.

Technical Problems with Online Bookmakers

One high incidence is when players register an account, place bets, and then attempt to cash out their profits but are unable to do so.

Sometimes these fraudulent betting sites would make excuses about technical difficulties or even be so bold as to demand more deposits from players before they could cash out.

However, gamers will never be able to get their cash back regardless of what they do.

Furthermore, bettors who fall victim to this kind of scam run the risk of losing more than just their initial investment.

The personal data might be offered for sale to other con artists who would try to steal the victim’s identity.


The practice of “scamdicapping”, in which cyber criminals pass themselves off as actual professional handicappers (and they actually are “scamdicappers”) and offer phony handicapping services to punters in an effort to boost their wins, is another sort of online sportsbook fraud.

Scammers frequently promote their offerings on social networks and claim “guaranteed” wins by selecting game winners using their “inside” knowledge or professional handicapping analysis.

Additionally, they put pressure on users to buy their service right away by enticing them with terms like “limited time only”.

When the pick doesn’t win, fraudsters frequently promise a complete return of your money, but in reality, the money is lost forever. The player then uses a phony choice, which will cause them to lose even more money.

Fraudulent Prediction Software

One of the most prevalent online betting scams today is the use of prediction software. These fraudulent prediction systems promise to help users choose winning sports bets.

These frauds primarily target punters who wager on horse races and professional sports.

Because their program or software is so good at choosing winners, the person selling it will guarantee participants will receive more money in return than they paid for it.

All software fraud systems assert that they utilize a proprietary analysis mixed with sportsbook odds and historical records to produce picks. This is a common claim made by software fraud systems.

Data analysis could assist you in avoiding a scam.

The majority of these applications really use the same information that users may discover by doing little Google research or at their preferred sportsbook.

These software vendors wouldn’t need to market betting prediction software if they kept their secrets to themselves. All forms of sports betting forecasting programs should be avoided by players.

Investment Fraud in Sports

Investment scams are among the most prevalent frauds that sports bettors should steer clear of. In this situation, con artists look for participants to contribute to a fund that generates income through sports betting.

They give investors the opportunity to “diversify” their portfolio of sports betting investments. These funds are mainly bogus, and anyone who falls for the con loses everything they invested.

This fraud typically contacts potential investors by phone, email, or normal mail, focusing on persons with money to invest including business owners and retirees.

These fraudsters frequently utilize complex sports betting jargon to entice wealthy investors.

All participants in sports betting should exercise caution when making sports investment decisions and should only do so if they have a trustworthy acquaintance who can confirm the investment’s legitimacy. To be safe, it’s usually advisable for gamers to refrain from making sports investments.

Betting Syndication

As long as they’re among a group of reliable people, betting syndicates can indeed be wonderful for sports bettors. Unfortunately, there are a lot of betting syndicate scams out there, so players need to be on the lookout.

A betting syndicate is a collection of individuals who pool their resources to place bets collectively, most frequently among friends.

For instance, professional handicappers occasionally participate in multi-million dollar syndicates with other professionals.

The decision to join a betting syndicate should be carefully considered by each player. Before placing any bets, punters should have a clear understanding of just how their funds will be utilized and seek input from other players.

If a stranger approaches them and offers them to enter a syndicate, players must do all in their power to avoid it.

Every wagering syndicate that doesn’t include someone they know should always be viewed with suspicion by players; doing so can prevent a lot of issues and costs.

Additionally, unlike the majority of online gamers, betting syndication typically consists of highly skilled professional handicappers.

How to Avoid Betting Scams

Players should always be on the lookout for certain things that will assist them to avoid betting scams.

However, a lot of bettors fail to see the warning signs, which leads to them making poor investments. A significant return on investment is among the first things that many Internet scammers guarantee.

This is a trait shared by some of the largest financial frauds in history. Avoid at all costs any offer of assured returns or that claims to be risk-free. When searching for the finest betting site, players should constantly conduct their research and see if the operator has unfavorable client feedback.

Player Recommendations

The best course of action for players to take online protection is to choose an:

  • regulated,
  • established,
  • lawful provider …

… that has a proven track record of outstanding client satisfaction. Sports betting websites that are governed by regional gaming regulators are unlikely to defraud their clients.

After Choosing the Best Gaming Website

The Ts&Cs of any promos/bonuses should always be read by players after choosing a trustworthy gambling website.

By not doing this, a fraudulent offer may appear more tempting than it actually is. Always examine the fine print on just about any reward offers carefully as a bettor.

What to Do if You’re Scammed?

Anyone who believes they are a victim of Internet gambling fraud should get in touch with their local law enforcement. Players should contact their local state gaming authority if they live in a state that regulates Internet betting.

Depending on where individuals reside, it might also be the sheriff’s department (in the USA) or the neighborhood police. They ought to be able to direct players to the appropriate authority for the following action.

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