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3 NFL Teams Who Achieved The Perfect Season With Winning Streaks



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Only three teams have ever won every game in a single season – only one did it in living memory. Unlike many sporting leagues outside America, the NFL is built on a foundation of fairness. Money does not determine where the players end up, the Draft is used to make sure the league stays as competitive as possible.

Soccer fans probably can’t imagine a world where the richest teams spend their way to the top. This is not a problem the NFL has ever had.

This is probably why teams winning every single match in a season is so rare. It has only been done 4 times, and once this century.

Chicago Bears (1932 + 1943)

For the first 11 seasons of the NFL, there was no team that had a perfect record, in the 11 years after that the Bears did it twice.

In both of these years, the Bears lost in the NFL finals – once to the Giants and once to Washington Football Team.

They are the only team to have achieved a perfect record twice. Half of all perfect records have been achieved by the Bears. George Halas was the head coach for both of the perfect seasons.


In 1932, only 86 points were scored against the Bears over the 13 games. On the other hand, they scored 286 points against their opponents. In 3 of the games, they didn’t concede a single point.

Conversely, that year the Cincinnati Reds (who were in the same division as the Bears) lost every single one of their games.

6 players from this team were later inducted into the Hall of Fame.


This was the second year that the Bears went unbeaten.

In this season, only 84 points were scored against the Bears, who scored 376 points against their opponents.

They had 4 regular season games where they did not concede any points. In the Playoffs, they beat the Washington Football Team by 73-0.

That year their victory was cruelly mirrored by the Detroit Lions who lost every one of their games that season-ending on 0-11.

Halfway through the season, their head coach George Halas was called up to fight in WW2.

Miami Dolphins (1972)

There was a 30-year gap between the Bear’s last perfect season and the Miami Dolphins achieving theirs.

The Dolphins are the only team with a perfect regular season to go on and win the Super Bowl – making this season the “most perfect of perfect seasons”.

The Dolphins lost half of their pre-season games, so no one saw this performance coming. Now, no one will forget it.

There were 4 games that season where no points were scored against the team.

New England Patriots (2007)

We now get to the most recent perfect season – the New England Patriots in 2007.

Interestingly, this was not one of the 6 years in the 21st century that the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

They are the only team to go undefeated since the NFL switched to a 16 game season, and in fact, that year there were 17 regular-season games. The Patriots won all 17 of them, although their final game of the season was a close call.

The Patriots did concede points in every single game of the season, making their run a little different from the Bears and Dolphins’ achievements. However, it is difficult to compare the streaks as the game is played very differently now.

This perfect streak happened in the middle of the Patriots Dynasty era. This was the 18 years where Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick overlapped.

In these years, they won 6 Super Bowls, 9 Conference championships, and 17 Division championships. Tom Brady was named NFL MVP 3 times and Belichick was named Coach of the Year 3 times as well.


No team has gone undefeated this season, so predicting the Super Bowl winner will be more difficult. Check out Super Bowl betting odds here to see who the bookies think will win.

Interestingly, perfect records are much more common in the NCAA – there have been 30 perfect seasons in that league. One of them was this year. The Boston Bruins have had two different back-to-back perfect seasons as well.


Will we ever see another team get a perfect streak in the NFL? Possibly not… We certainly didn’t see any teams do it this year. But we don’t have a problem with that – we love how competitive the NFL is.


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