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High Speeds and Tight Turns A Mid-Season Analysis of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship

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High Speeds and Tight Turns A Mid Season Analysis of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship

Formula 1 has long been an iconic sport. It’s the top class, with all racers being professionals. They must not only be great racers but also have an explosive reaction and a complete understanding of the track. It all comes with years of hard training. This is why not everyone from another discipline can easily drive in Formula 1.

This is one of the reasons why Formula Racing is so thrilling and draws so many followers. The battle of pros on the track at speeds over 200 km/h is compelling. And it’s a lot of fun to see.

Of course, there were seasons when the odds of dying in a car crash were low and the racing was boring. When one favorite racer had been annihilating everyone on the track all season.

But, thankfully, it is not about the 2023 season. It maintains the suspense that drew you in. The pressure on the Red Bull crew is obvious. Let’s take a look at what transpired in the current season.

What Happens in Previous Seasons?

Let us begin our trip by briefly reviewing prior seasons. Mostly for 2020-2022. This is critical for knowing racers’ positions before this season, as well as their moral attitude.

It will also provide us with a knowledge of team power. Which team currently has a decent car with a powerful engine, and which team has to get more technical?


It was a difficult season in the midst of a pandemic, with many modifications to racing and other laws. In addition, Lewis Hamilton’s last winning season was in 2020. It was maybe the most unusual year in the sport’s history. The Australian Grand Prix was canceled just hours before the first practice session, indicating the beginning of a turbulent year.

Mercedes, spearheaded by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, demonstrated their supremacy once more, claiming their eighth Constructors’ Championship in a row. Hamilton won his eighth title, tying the great Michael Schumacher’s record.

Max Verstappen was close to Lewis in the F1 Points system, but he failed that time.


The next season was notable because Mercedes’ domination came to an end. The Red Bull squad was able to inflict a struggle on Mercedes and won the Constructors’ Cup this year.

Verstappen was crowned champion for the first time after a tight battle with Hamilton. As a result, Max Verstappen Net Worth skyrocketed, propelling him to the top of the 2021 driver rankings.

This year will also be remembered for two outstanding debuts by rising talents. Yuki Tsunoda became Japan’s first racer in a long time. Tsunoda’s involvement in Formula 1 had a tremendous influence on the Japanese motorsport industry off the track.

His debut inspired hopeful young Japanese drivers, reigniting interest in the sport and improving its prominence in the country. His presence also piqued the world’s attention in the region.

Travel to Japan has risen, as has interest in Japanese casino review because many individuals are unfamiliar with the country’s casino culture.

Also, Mick Schumacher, son of the famous Michael Schumacher, joined the Haas team, marking a watershed event for motorsport fans.


There isn’t much to say about the year 2022. There was friction between Verstappen and Charles Leclerc initially, but towards the middle of the season, everything was apparent. Verstappen wins his second title.

Nikita Mazepin was originally hired by Haas as part of a multi-year deal that began in 2021. His contract was canceled following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent withdrawal of Uralkali’s title sponsorship of Haas. He was replaced by Kevin Magnussen, who had previously participated for the same squad in 2020.

Season 2023: What’s Going On Now?

But let’s continue with the 2023 season. Let’s observe what occurs now in the season, what happened at the start, and attempt to anticipate what will happen near the conclusion.

Beginning of the Season

Formula One has confirmed that the 2023 season would have 23 races. That means the season will begin on March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix and conclude on November 26 in Abu Dhabi, with the brand-new Las Vegas Grand Prix joining the schedule a week before the season finale.

By the way, there were no American F1 drivers on the list for a long time. That has now changed. Logan Sargeant is a teenage driver who made his debut with the Williams Racing team.

Max Verstappen wins to kick off the season. The incumbent champion does not take the opening race of the season lightly and uses it to prove who’s ruler. Sergio Pérez, his co-driver, proceeded to impose himself on the champion, winning the second race.

So the Red Bull squad completely dominated the first two races. This team’s two drivers traded victories and established themselves as the standings leaders. Logan Sargeant, a rookie, also did well, finishing 12th in the first race.

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso finished third, slightly ahead of the Red Bull team. However, that is still a very solid outcome.

Alonso is no longer young, yet he carries a significant amount of power with him. It, together with his expertise, has the potential to deliver him many more triumphs in the future. Many F1 betting fans see Alonso as a strong contender for third place in the individual rankings.

Situation After 5 Races

What did we get after the first 5 races of the season? Let’s take a look.


Max now has three victories. This is a really impressive result, and it places him first in the individual classification. Perez is just behind him. He has two victories. He’s practically breathing down his teammate’s neck.

As a result, their confrontation is the most heated. Not only because they are colleagues, but also because they are two really powerful riders. It will be exciting for Max to win his third title, and Sergio to win his first and cement his place in history as champion.

Alonso is still breathing down the winners’ necks. He is now third in the rankings, 30 points behind Perez. That might change if Alonso demonstrates some class. Most significantly, the automobile Fernando drives can assist him in accomplishing this. The rest is all up to him.

But one thing is certain: if Fernando had a Red Bull vehicle, he’d be in the lead.

This demonstrates Fernando’s professionalism.


Behind the top three is a group of several pilots who are close to each other in points. These include:

  • Lewis Hamilton – 56 points
  • Carlos Sainz Jr. – 44 points
  • George Russell – 40 points
  • Charles Leclerc – 34 points
  • Lance Stroll – 27 points

It’s fascinating to witness the fight among the Mercedes squad. On the one hand, there’s Hamilton, who has seven wins and a wealth of racing expertise.

Russell, on the other hand, is a newbie who has recently joined the squad and is attempting to establish himself. Russell has only passed Hamilton twice so far. But it’s already a good start.

This season, Ferrari has also made some concessions. Neither Charles Leclerc nor Carlo Sainz can outperform Hamilton. In prior seasons, Ferrari might have easily competed with Red Bull for the championship. We hope the squad can maintain its dignity.

At the end of this list, Lance Stroll also shows a very good result. He definitely could have been higher on the list if not for his failure in the second race.


McLaren, for example, which used to be able to compete with the champions and was a top-three team, now seldom finishes in the top 10. And there appears to be no issue with the drivers. Rather, the new technological regulations were detrimental to the team.

It’s difficult to say about the others. They don’t rank particularly high, and there isn’t a lot of tension in their section of the peloton.

What to expect next?

I believe several results are possible in the future.

The first is a conflict between Red Bull colleagues. Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen will battle against one other for the championship.

Red Bull now has a significant lead over the other teams. So the chances of these two catching up are slim. However, as the saying goes, “Never tell me the odds.”

Another possibility is that Alonso will profit from the rivalry between the two Bulls. If there are disagreements inside Red Bull, their results may suffer.

Alonso can take advantage of this and begin acting. And, at the very least, take second place in the race by passing someone else. And perhaps even win the year. Nobody knows.

A battle between Mercedes and Ferrari will take place in the middle of the peloton. It will gather momentum. Both teams have a chance to finish second in the Constructors’ Cup.

Who will win in 2023?

The winner, in my opinion, will be a member of the Red Bull squad. This squad will undoubtedly win the Constructors’ Cup. Because they have greater machinery and technology.

And who will win the individual race, Max or Sergio? It’s difficult to say.

They are both excellent racers who can compete in class. They both have incredibly powerful automobiles, and a lot depends on coordination. Will there be team issues, or will it be a straight battle between two seasoned riders?

We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting season, and we’ll be watching with bated breath. Sergio will never allow Max to go too far ahead in the individual standings and will constantly be on his tail. Or even pass him.

Everyone else is a long way from victory. Alonso can come close to the Bulls, but it will be difficult and risky. Mercedes and Ferrari will never be able to compete with Red Bull’s might. As a result, those clubs are no longer in contention for first place. However, either Mercedes or Ferrari are likely to finish second.


​​We anticipate a hot season this year. There will undoubtedly be some teammate clashes. And Alonso will be breathing down their necks, instilling anxiety that they will make a mistake.

Because if the Red Bulls make mistakes and deviate from their game plan, they risk losing the title. As a result, we might observe various difficulties. Mercedes and Ferrari, for example, will compete for second place in the constructors’ cup.

It’s also fun to keep an eye on the newbies on the driver’s list. They have the potential to shine and earn a spot on the greatest team for the next seasons. This season promises to be exciting for both fans and those active in paypal betting.

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