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Rough Seas Obstructing Search for Missing Kayakers in Phuket

A Polish tourist and a Thai woman who went kayaking in Phuket and have not returned since Saturday.

Heavy winds and rough seas have obstructed the search for a Polish tourist and a Thai woman who went missing while kayaking in Phuket, Thailand. Tourists Mateusz Juszkiewicz, 27, and Veerakan Sirivipakorn, 23, went missing kyaking three days ago.

Deputy provincial governor Supoj Rodmuang said rough seas were posing a problem for rescuers as their search for entered its third day.

The two did not return to Yanui beach in Muang district after going out with a kayak on Saturday evening.

Officials from the navy, Marine Department, police units began their search on the same day. Deploying boats, planes and helicopters. They have covered 400 of the planned 600 square miles off Phukets shores but still haven’t found the couple. The deputy governor said they would expand the search area if necessary.

“We won’t give up hopes. We’ll do whatever we can to find them,” he said.

Heavy Winds and Rough Seas in Phuket

According to the Bangkok Post, the Meteorological Department warned small boats around Phuket not to leave the shores due to big waves.

RAdm Chanchaiyos Attasuvee, in Phuket told Thai media that the direction of the wind, there kayak may have drifted into Myanmar waters.

Chudarasa, the mother of the missing woman, travelled from Nakhon Sawan to Phuket to wait for her daughter.

She said her daughter worked as a nanny for foreign children at a nursery after graduation. “I’ll wait here till I meet her,” the mother said.

Authorities have not pressed charges on anyone, including the operator of the kayak rental business. According to his website he has 23 kayaks and charges 100 baht per hour per person.

The case is a first that involves kayaks. Mr Supoj said there was no law or measure to regulate their use and ensure holidaymakers’ safety.

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